blueprism - outlook mail

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    How to add bullets in email body for new line?

    I want to send an email using MS Outlook Email VBO. below is the calculation stage and result- But I want to add bullets for items list as shown below- Can anybody suggest how to do that? Thanks in advance.
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    How to send email via shared mailbox

    Hey folks I have multiple shared mailboxes and I would want to send email from one of the shared mailbox using Blue Prism. Apart from Mapiex, anything else we can use ? TIA T165
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    Can't get e-mails via Outlook VBO: Object variable or With block variable not set.

    Hi everyone, I've been running a process - in which I have to collect e-mails from Outlook - for quite few weeks without any problems, untill today. I'm using the MS Outlook VBO => Get Received Items (Advanced) action, the Filter Expression is entered correctly. Allthough I haven't changed...
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    Issue with reading outlook mails

    Hi, I am using customized BP object to read and save the input files from outlook. Normally it is working fine but sometimes I am getting the following error i.e. "Your server administrator has limited the number of items you can open simultaneously. Try closing messages you have opened or...
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    Gmail POP3/SMTP

    Hi team, any one help me, i am using Gmail POP3/SMTP, I required to use Move mail, list mail, replay mail, as same action available in VBO - Blueprism MapiEx Kindly Help this object.
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    How to Handle Password in Outlook without spying?

    Hi All, When the BOT is trying to read the emails, often i am getting a popup asking for credentials. So, I need to handle that popup using Credential manager or any other approach. Since i don't want to spy that popup and include the same in existing process. Kindly suggest is there any way...