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    Solved Procedute to take a Print screen & Store in Data Item Using Blue Prism

    Hello, Can anyone please help me in taking a Print screen & Store image in Data Item Using Blue Prism. Thanks in Advance!!!
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    Solved How to kill excel process

    Hello All, I am trying to Kill excel Process by its Process Name with Kill Process Action. But it is still exists in the Task manager. Attached is the Action & Task manager screens. Thanks in Advance.
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    Solved How to delete one value in a collection

    Hello All, I am having a collection with one column, and I need to delete "Grand Total" from it (there may be n number of rows each time, but Grand Total will be there in the collection compulsory). How can I achieve this. Thanks in Advance
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    How to get unique values from a collection

    Hi All, I am having a collection with 7 Columns attached collection screen shot. I need to get all the unique values specific to "ACE - Retro. Contract" column. Thanks in Advance!!!
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    How to delete duplicate rows in collection

    Hi, I am having a collection with 7 Columns and around 1000 rows. In that 1000 rows, some rows are duplicate. How can I delete those duplicate rows from collection. Thanks in advance.
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    How to Rename current worksheet name in Excel

    Hi All, I want to rename my current worksheet "Sheet3" to "Output Data" in excel using Blue Prism. Can anyone please help me in this. Thanks in Advance!!!
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    How to rearrange columns in a collection?

    Hi all, I am having a collection with 7 Columns Ex : Serial No, Last Name, Address, Zip, City, State, First Name. I need to rearrange these 7 columns like below order. Ex: Serial No, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip. Can anyone please help in this.
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    Solved Robotize Command Prompt utilizing blue prism

    I am endeavor to make a BOT in RPA that will read excel files and afterward attempt to execute some standard commands from commands prompt utilizing the information in exceed expectations documents. I am utilizing Blue Prism for this reason. While I am ready to peruse exceed expectations...