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    How to use Left Join in Blue Prism?

    I am new in Blue Prism. I have two collections with different column numbers but one common column name Customer_ID. How can I merge/Join Collection 1 with Collection 2 into One Collection based on Customer_ID.
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    Set Column Names from Expected Collection causes internal error

    Hi, I have a simple process, read table from a webpage and then I would like to rename the collection headers to the predefined header names. When I use the "Set column names from expected collection" action I always get the following error message: Internal : Collection fields are defined but...
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    [Blue Prism] Tell me how to assign the value obtained from the two column values in Excel to a variable

    Assumptions What you want to do is as described in the subject line. The result is that the Collection data read from Excel I would like to take the form of assigning to a variable so that the value can be used universally. * Here, the Row of this Collection data is dynamic and there is one or...
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    Getting "HRESULT E_FAIL" error while loading web table into collection

    Hi Everyone, I am getting below error while loading web table into collection. My website page contains 300+ links nothing but sub pages (In below screenshot marked it with red ink circle) . I have to click each page and need to read table in that page. so after reading 15-20 pages some where...
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    Solved Change Header names in collection

    Hi All, I have scenario like this I have 10 pages to read a web table. I read data from web page into collection (say A) and every time this collection I am appending to another collection(say B) (to save the all 10 pages data into one collection). I wanted to change B collection headers...
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    Solved Failed to paste from clipboard: PasteSpecial method of Range class failed.

    Hi Everyone, I was trying to copy the data from a window(tabular form is getting copied as text) into excel. But, the data isn't copying. I tried to get that into a collection with GetClipboard(), pops compatibility trouble here(cannot convert text). What is the flow to solve this? Thanks!
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    Dynamic column value in Blueprism

    Hi, I am trying to move one collection's single column value to another new collection(let's say collectionB), for doing this I am using calc stage where data is passed one after the another. In the calc stage I have added the <CollectionA.columnname1> and move it <CollectionB.Columnname> but...
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    How to take data type (image) into collection

    Hi, I want to add attachment using pop3/smtp to email. For this I need a collection with image. I dont want to save image locally. I am trying to get image (data type) into a collection. How can we do it?
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    how to extract the Values in Collection without field values but with current values?

    Hi Guys, I am using an operation "GetWorkbook as Collection" and am not setting up the collection fields and trying to extract the values with the help of a Loop but when i run the loop it's giving me the first value but not others what should i do to resolve that. Please find the attached...