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    how to Make ( get and post ..... ) Request in blue prism ??

    Hi everyone, my problem is that i wanna make request from blue prism to get data from a ticketing system, i tried to do that with a vb.net code but unfortunately it doesn't work, also i try to do this with Webservices - REST BP object stage but it doesn't work, it show me an error of...
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    Fusion de DLL en una sola

    Buenas tardes, Actualmente tengo un problema con una biblioteca de clases ya que necesito comprimir varias DLL en una sola, para que el AA me permita el reconocimiento de DLL dependientes, mi proyecto tiene 10 DLL dependientes, pero al subirlos al AA y ejecutar el metabot me genera el error "No...
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    Click a button using C# Code.

    HI All, I'm new on Blue Prism and I'm encountering some issue to click a button on OBIEE Dashboard. I have tried both solution Select by Region and Global Send Keys but doesn't work. When I use one of this solutions seems like that the button works with the previus paramiters and not with the...