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    How run .mac file

    Hello All, Can you please help me, how I can run the .mac on Citrix application without any excel instance, and how I can pass the parameters? PF, .mac file content in the attached screenshot. Thank you!
  2. M

    Unable to Spy Citrix Application

    Hello All, I am trying to spy Citrix application in BP 7.0 version but getting the below error. "Error - Failed to launch application - Failed to launch - AppMan startup problem - Timed out waiting for pipe connection" Thanks in advance.
  3. K

    Writing underscore "_" in citrix not working in blue prism

    Writing underscore "_" in citrix not working. I tried to use Global send key Events but it is still not working. The element was spied via Region mode and application was already activated. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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    Spy Modes not working on Internet Explorer launched through Citrix

    Hi All, I am trying to spy some elements from a webpage launched through Citrix. I am able to launch and login to Citrix and also to launch Internet Explorer through Citrix. I am not able to spy any element from the Internet Explorer launched through Citrix. Please help!!!!
  5. K

    BP Client via Citrix

    Has anyone published BP Client via Citrix? Can it be published like any other Application and be accessed by users? Any guidance/advise on this would be highly appreciated.
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    Citrix application not activating

    Hello Experts, I am not able to activate citrix application in Dev machine. I tried focus, Activate, Restore but none of them working. It was working fine in VICS but not working in Dev VM. When I activate the application it blinks in task bar but does not appear in front. Any suggestion?
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    Surface Automation Issue

    Hello, I'm using Surface Automation on Citrix but when I press the "OK" button that appears in a warning screen using surface automation, the program that is supposed to open does not open but if I press this ok button by myself non-automated, the program opens normally. I tried pressing on...