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    Clicks not being recognised by HTML page

    Hi, I am trying to interact with a form on a webpage to input dates and interview times. AA works fine when identifying everything, and HTML can highlight the objects in Application Modeller. However when I try to click on the objects, the clicks aren't being recognised. Blue Prism isn't...
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    Blue Prism - Click on a value stored in Collection and Navigate to a web page and scraping

    Hello RPA Enthusiasts, I'm actually trying to solve this issue since last 2 days and so far I have tried heaps of methods to achieve the objective. But i failed miserably. Please help!! I have attached pictures - however struck client info thanks The bot i'm creating would ideally need to...
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    Find Item and do a Mouse click

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are all doing good. I have a question, Is it possible to create a flow where a word in a cell of Collection stage could be found and clicked on a web page? If yes, please do tell me how it can be done. Thanks in advance!
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    Click a button using C# Code.

    HI All, I'm new on Blue Prism and I'm encountering some issue to click a button on OBIEE Dashboard. I have tried both solution Select by Region and Global Send Keys but doesn't work. When I use one of this solutions seems like that the button works with the previus paramiters and not with the...