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    ActiveWindow option in code stage

    I want to create a page in the ms excel vbo to create freeze panes i have recorded a macro and the code for it is With ActiveWindow .SplitColumn = 0 .SplitRow = 1 End With ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True The major issue is use of ActiveWindow as it can't be use like ActiveWorkbook or...
  2. P

    Text Analysis

    Hello below attachment i have mentioned two email formats. now, how to get or separate Date,container number and from & to address location there any script to structure this text. please help me out this. Thanks In Advance
  3. H

    How to Write Data From Collection to Excel by using C# And how to add extension like IDE?

    Hi everyone, i tried Predefined MS Excel VBo to write collection in to Excel but i have 3000 Records it is taking long time to write collection in to Excel , i was trying any other better approach to fix my problem so i want to give a try by Writing C# Code i Was Aware How to Write code...
  4. M

    Vb Script - Excel

    Hi Team, Am using VB Script in the code stage. It showing some errors. Can anyone please tell what dll i have to add when performing excel operations. (I have added Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel dll in initialize page, but still showing compile error in initialize page" Please help.
  5. A

    Write a large collection into an Excel

    Hello, I have a collection of 20,000 rows and I can´t write them in an excel, I don´t know how to write it by code or if there is some other way, thank you.
  6. F

    Can anyone post a guide on how to add pivot functionality to default Excel VBO?

    I need to be able to create a pivot table from a selected range, manipulate the style, filters, data, etc. It would a great help if someone could clarify this for me. Thanks!
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    Copy Column from one sheet to another

    The below code is not working in BP. Can anyone help? it shows "Not delared/Not memeber" errors. Do i need to add any namespace. Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application") Set objWorkbook = objExcel.Workbooks.Open ("U:\XXXX") objExcel.Visible = True...
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    Where can I find the Code of the process and objects saved and how to access it?

    Hello all, In my previous question, a member answered which was interesting and I didn't know that, If you drag and drop an object into an editor the generated code will pop up. Question. So I was wondering where can I find the generated code of the processes and objects? I am guessing that it...
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    How to kill task manager process BluePrism

    When I try to kill the process from task manager it gives error at initializing stage can any one help me please I am new to Blue prism thanks error : Page: Initialise Stage: Stage1 Type: Error Action: Validate Description: Compiler error at top section line 30: Type or namespace definition...