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    Missing data from collection when looping

    Hi all, I am facing an issue of missing data when looping the data in collection. Let me explain in detail, Process : 1.Firstly a data report from sap has to be downloaded . 2.using get collection action taking all the data into collection(named as : data collection). 3.After getting in to...
  2. J

    Copy column to another collection - Code Stage

    Hi All. I have a collection with 40 columns I need to copy one specific column with all the data in that column to another new empty collection, which will only contain the data from this column. From there on, the values will be checked for different rules, e.g. correct format, length etc...
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    Solved Comparing two Collections and and saving unique values.

    Hi, I'm new to both coding and Blue Prism and i'm looking for some support. I have a a project were I need to compare data from two collections ("Collection_1" and "Collection_2") and pick out any unique rows from "Collection_1" and save in "Collection_3". Both collections only consists of...
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    Sum column in collection - C# code stage *SOLVED*

    *Solved*......... Hi I'm looking to summarize all values in a specified column in a collection through a code stage (not looping). In this collection called "Collection", I want a sum of all values in column "Numbers". I don't read or write C# very well, so can someone provide a code that...
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    Get Tree Items as collection from Tree View in Microsoft Dynamics AX

    Hello all, I am coming to you with the following issue: I am trying to get all the items from a tree view in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. The tree items are open orders that I need to loop through and check and modify different values in each of them. My current idea is to get somehow all the...
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    Set Cell Value, Collection

    Hello Everyone, I am stuck in below placees while automating one solution, please help me with this. - I need to write to Excel Cell : Value is 0001234, But when I am using Set Cell Values and saving it. Value is automatically changing to 1234, after save. How to solve this ? - There is need...
  7. H

    Get worksheet range as collection

    Hi, I am reading range of excel sheet into a collection. There are 1650 rows but it is extracting only 17 rows into output collection. I have used number of rows and given input as end cell. Could you please help me what might be the issue?
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    Dynamic creation of a variable name. How

    Hi All, In the collection I have several columns named: L_name, P_name, T_name. What I have to do is check where the name is entered and transfer this value to the new table. I want to create a Name column in the new table and put the obtained data there. I thought about doing it in two...
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    How to format nested collection in Blue Prism

    Hello, I am retrieving some information with Blue Prism from one API, and I receive a collection as the output. The problem is that I do not want my collection to look like this. I want to receive one collection with one row where I will have all of the employees listed, not 1 employee per 1...
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    excel to csv format error

    Hi, I'm currently converting an Excel file to CSV. Step 1: Get data into collection Step 2: Convert collection to CSV Step 3: write it into a file. It works, but there is a problem with Data format error. For example: Excel value - 9781621577720 CSV value - 9.78162E+12 I'd like to know if...
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    Merge 2 collections on common column

    Hi, I am looking for a simple straighfoward way of merging 2 collections. I know that for example in python( i think SQL is as easy) this can be done in one line: merged_coll = coll1.merge(coll2, on="column_name", how = 'inner'). Is really no other way in B but that silly looping of one...
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    Compare multiple rows in a Collection

    Hi, I'd like to get ideas and tips for how to compare multiple rows in a Collection to group them together. The purpose is that the larger item (bytes) from the same date will be used for one purpose and the other for another. Se example: Items - Bytes - Date FieldX 1 50...
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    What is the "Collection" capacity to store records? How many records Collection can store?

    what is the maximum capacity to extract records from excel to Collection. Can collection store 1 lakh records??
  14. B

    Error: Excel Get Worksheet as Collection

    Hey, I'm new at RPA/Blue Prism. I've got a problem with the Action "Get Worksheet as Collection". In the excel sheet are hidden columns. These are not found. Blue Prism returns error message: Internal: Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: Column 17 was not found...
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    Copy the Comments from Excel and paste in application

    There is a client Application :in application after process of Account in Comment section we need to provide comments , the comments template will be in Excel , there will be around 10 accounts ,selection the comments is based on process of Accounts. for ex comments in Excel: Client ABC...
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    How to convert Column A row values as header of Column B

    HI All, PFA I had query while performing one action, I want to convert column A row values as header to Column B in a colection in BLUEPRISM. Kindly plz anyone help us. Thx sample O/p should come as ----- Firstname as column with value pawan
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    Is it possible to convert a collection into a .txt file separated by tabs?

    I´m trying to convert a collection into a text file. I´ve tried converting the collection into a CSV to get the text and appending that CSV into a text file but when I open it, there´s nothing on it.
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    Solved Can I format an email that "iterates" through a collection?

    Hello, I'm currently working on a process that reads in a series of virtual machines from an excel sheet, finds their respective states, and stores them together into a collection (Excel Bot Names). My goal is to send out an email displaying each machine's name and it's respective state, so...
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    How to reference a field from a multi tiered collection

    I am using the Natural Language Google API in Blueprism. This API outputs a collection which contains sub collections. I want to reference a sub column from this collection. However, If I simply use the collection name.sub collection.sub collection.field I get an error. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Collection to CSV - Set delimiter

    Hi All! I have been reading a couple of threads about saving a collection to CSV and they all seem to want to use comma as the delimiter. In the Utility - Strings there is already input/output and code for this, but using a comma, how would one go about changing the delimiter to say | or &&...