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    Find and remove matching values in collections

    Hi, As part of a larger process I need to sort through Collection A which contains around 5,000 rows at a time against Collection B which can contain a small amount of rows from around 10-30 and if any of the values from B match A then the rows from A need removing. I have attempted this by...
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    Collection items into Data Item

    Hi, Is it possible to take the rows of data from a collection and concatenate them all into individual rows in a data item? I've tried looping over the collection in a calculation stage but this simply overwrites the value in the data item each time rather than creating a new line and...
  3. M

    How to escape . in collection column?

    I'm trying to use a field (named Cont. Service Start Date) as an input to an action. When I try to write the item as an input normally "[table.Cont. Service Start Date]" I get the error "The field Cont doesn't exist in this collection, as BP is assuming Cont is the name of the field I am looking...
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    Loop on two collections with various row count ISSUE

    Hello :) I have a process that I need to finish and where I have to loop through two collections. [Coll1] has data from data base that I try to find match/similarity to [Coll2] - input from customers. Then when finds match it can continue to chew and compare more rows between those. I take...
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    Writing Undefined Collection to excel based on column header

    I have 4 columns in a spreadsheet that I need to paste on another workbook. The size and order of these 4 columns on the source sheet vary. The Column names are consistent. I need to paste the columns on the destination workbook in a certain order going by their column name. The solution that I...
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    How can I merge columns of two collections together?

    Hello, I know the Utility - Collection Manipulation action "Merge Collections" exists, however this simply puts the columns side by side in one collection. I would like to combine one column with another ( i.e. collection of 1 column [length L] merged with collection of 1 column [length L] -->...
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    collection values comparsion

    I have a collection and i want to compare two values (From the screenshot) if UREF01 (BDW) = UREF02(BDW) Here UREF value contains 01 and same way BDW also contains some value likewise UREF contains 02 and BDW also contains some value. I wanted to check both BDW has same value or not. i.e
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    Error while adding a Collection with over 40 rows to the queue

    I am facing an issue where I am unable to add a 64-fields collection to the queue on the DEV server. The same collection can be added to the queue when replicated on the local laptop instance, but not on the DEV server. On the DEV server, Once I delete 24 or more of the fields the collection is...
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    Collection - Dynamic header names

    Hi all, Am extracting data from excel to collection, for eg(only 4 columns). The first header is dynamically changing, others remains same . For eg : My collection is having the headers like(sample 10 2018, customer, client, code). In this i have to extract the code (in D column), based on the...
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    Blue prism - adding "inner collection"

    I have a collection of collections "Fruit owner" containing "Fruits". Adding "Fruit owner" rows is straight forward (first action and multi calc) But how do I add rows to the inner collection "Fruits"? (second action and multi calc) I am guessing this is just a syntax problem? What am...
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    Problem reading collection populated by Get Files

    I have a created a process that reads in the file names in a directory to a collection. This collection then then used in a loop to process each file individually. Setting break points, I can see that the collection is successfully loaded with the file names and when running the process it...
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    Combine Multiple Collections

    Hi , According to requirements i have to update a form . In process i will get 5 collections and i need to combine all of them(As i need data from all of them) in to one collection to update the form . For Combine collection VBO i can only combine 2 , Is there any other way to combine all , and...
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    Time Write Collections, ( Excel VBO )

    Hi All, I have the next problem. I have a collection with more than 15K rows and I need to write it in excel, but the problem is that it takes a lot of about 40 minutes with the Write Collection (Excel VBO) object, can the execution time be shortened?
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    How to Convert a collection to excel???

    Hi, i need convert a collection a excel file... How do I do it?
  15. S

    Retrieve value from collection index?

    Hi! Is it possible to retrieve a value from a specific index in a collection without using some object? I want to do it in a calculation or something like that.
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    excel VBO

    Hello guys, I'll explain my scenario and Problem, can you suggest me few options? scenario: I've data in my excel sheet and the corresponding pie chart on the same sheet. Example Data as follows Asset Type Amount Savings $ 25,000 401k $ 55,000 Stocks $ 15,000...
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    Solved How to set tags for work queues with too many fields?

    Hi everyone, Hope you guys are doing good. So I was watching this video: on how to use tags and tag filters. And there's a step where he adds the individual items to queues by using loop, instead of adding them together in one go. Now for that he had to define the collection fields in his...
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    Solved how to join two collections?

    Hi, I am working with Email POP/SMTP VBO and want to fetch the messages and store it in excel report. I am using two collections one that stores only email address, message id, from name and date sent, the other is used to store the body of the mail using message id of the first collection. Now...
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    How to use single row feature?

    Problem: I am trying to get single rows from a collection whose fields are defined at the runtime, but the single row feature is not enabled until I define the collection fields. Exercise: Currency conversion using workqueue. Assumption: Excel file have huge no of fields and I only need to...
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    Solved Student grade exercise: Data from excel is of text type while in choice I need to compare it to number type.

    Hi everyone, I am fairly new to Blue prism. I want to grade students based on their percentages, I am pulling the data from excel storing it in a collection and passing the collection's percentage field as input to the choice criterion, wherein I would compare the percentage with the range of...