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    Process run from control room is slow

    Hi all. This one is strange. I've got my process - interacting with two web apps and two apps installed on computer. Working totally fine in Process Studio. But when I run it from Control room the part of process interacting with installed apps is slow as hell. I don't have a problem with wait...
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    Warning threshold

    Hello everyone. I am fixing some errors in UAT when Warning status shows in control room. When i check the logs it shows as - the host never became idle within the limited timeout period of 30 seconds.
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    Export Control Room Log BluePrism

    Hey everybody, I'm new to BP and I was wondering whether there is an option to export all sessions. To be clear, I'm not talking the process logs, I mean the table which shows me all past sessions, as seen in the screenshot. I would like to use this table in excel so maybe there is a way to...
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    Java Based Applications dont work on Control Room

    Hi All, I have a very strange Issue, With my process. that is We are dealing with the Web based, Window based and Java based applications in Single Process. The Problem is When I'm Running the Process through Studio. the Process is Perfectly Working Fine. But the Problem is when i'm Running the...
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    Blue prism Issue : not behaving well when running from control room

    Hello guys , I have developed a process completely using blue prism , and it was running in a normal and stable way from both the Process studio and from Control room for more than a month until now . And suddenly today when i try to run the process today from the control room the process...
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    Stop a process before it ends

    I was wondering if Blue Prism gives us the ability to stop a process if it takes longer than expected to complete. I am NOT looking to add stages to the process to look for the current processing time but rather have the Control Room automatically stop the process if it's running for more than...
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    Timings on Blue Prism Database

    Hello All, I have blue prism installed locally on my company system. Both the Blue Prism Software and the Microsoft SQL database are in the same system. I notice that the timings for Queue shown in the Control Room differ from the timings present in Table BPAWorkQueueItem. For Eg, In the...
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    How can we know Resource PC was locked by login Agent from control Room?

    Hi every one, Is there any way we will see the resource PC was locked, We will differentiate login and logoff Respurce pC by different symbol But Am testing how lock and unlock screen works but I didn't see any difference in the resource PC icon..IS there any way we will know the resource PC was...
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    Control room schedule--Scheduling the task from control room but the task is not running on scheduled time. How to debug this issue?

    I am Scheduling the task from control room but the task is not running on scheduled time. How to debug this issue? Thanks in advance.
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    Is it possible to create two members having admin access for the control room in aa?

    Is it possible to create two members having admin access for the control room in aa?if the answer is yes ?tell me how ❓ Thanks in advance.
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    Object is not found through Control Center

    My current process runs without issue when I am walking through it to test. All spied objects are found, selected, and navigated correctly. Once I moved to start testing through the control center on my Runtime Resource I keep getting errors in the Navigation stage that the element spied does...
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    Unable to run process in control room

    Hi Everyone, When I am trying to run a process from the control room I am getting "Not Connected Resource-1 can't start process" error. But the resource status is IDLE. Please advise. Please find the attachment for reference.
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    How to delete pending instances from the control room

    Hello - i am trying to delete pending instances from the control room but i keep getting the error “missing runner”. What could be the reason for this issue and does anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance.
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    Task could not be deploy on selected client.

    Hi All, i am facing an issue when i want to run or schedule a process form control room. Facing below error message. I am using AA 10.6 please suggest me solution of this issue.
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    Robot screen capture in version 6 - - how to save it in Resource PC?

    Hi Everyone, After Capturing the screenshot in Exception Stage it Will be Present in Resource PC in Control Room . how can I save this Screenshot on particular Folder in Resource PC or is there a way which I can send an email of this Screenshot without saving anywhere?
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    AA Enterprise 11 Control Room login problem

    Hi everyone, I'm facing an http 500 error when I try to open the control room on any browser. I have just installed the Automation Anywhere Enterprise 11 on Windows Server 2012 R2 and the installation happen properly. I have reinstalled "Microsoft SQL Server" and Automation Anywhere Control...
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    Blue Prism Resource locked by user (online private)

    Hi there, Please see attached. The resource is locked by my user, please assist as I don't know how to unlock the machine
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    Solved Warning in Control Room

    Hi, Has anyone come across a 'Warning' for machine state? There are no errors in the process logs/schedule logs - 13 items out of 19 have been worked on with no errors on the 13th item and nothing to suggest why the process hasn't continued. The process has been 'stuck' in this state for almost...