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    Code Stage - Copy a table from a word document if it contains a string

    Hello everyone, I have a process step which requires me to search for a string (Customer Name) in a word document (Contact Information Sample.docx). If the Customer Name is present in one table (there are several tables, each represents a contact), then the whole table should be copied to the...
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    How to Copy range as image

    Hello, I'm new to Blue Prism, and looking for a way to copy Excel range as image and paste it to Outlook item. I know "CopyPicture" method in VBA but I have no idea what I can do in Blue Prism. Maybe I will have to use Code Stage? I appreciate if any one of you give me an advise. Thank you.
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    Copy the Comments from Excel and paste in application

    There is a client Application :in application after process of Account in Comment section we need to provide comments , the comments template will be in Excel , there will be around 10 accounts ,selection the comments is based on process of Accounts. for ex comments in Excel: Client ABC...
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    Copy and paste range in excel error

    Hello all! So I'm trying to copy and paste a column of data (Column D in my case). It's about 7k rows long and I need to move it from one worksheet to another worksheet in the same workbook. I can't have the top row (it's a title) so I made a quick data item with the row # (minus 1). I keep...
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    Copying only visible cells in Excel using Blue Prism

    Hi, I used autofilter to filter a huge Excel-file. Now I would like to copy some rows with the Action "Copy and Paste Worksheet Range". This is not working for me in the correct way - I would like to copy only the visible, filtered cells. I was trying to modify the Code Stage of "Copy and...
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    Blueprism Copy and paste filter data in excel

    I have requirement to filter the records on the basis of one criteria and after comparing both the sheets, paste the records into another sheet. In both the excels the templates are same and there first three rows and last row are merge rows. What i did: After perform all my bot functionality...
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    How to Paste an image from clipboard to Excel in a particular cell

    How to Paste an image from clipboard to Excel on a particular cell?
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    excel VBO

    Hello guys, I'll explain my scenario and Problem, can you suggest me few options? scenario: I've data in my excel sheet and the corresponding pie chart on the same sheet. Example Data as follows Asset Type Amount Savings $ 25,000 401k $ 55,000 Stocks $ 15,000...
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    Question about MS Excel VBO - Copy and Paste Worksheet Range

    I'm trying to copy ALL data from a particular worksheet in workbook "A" and simply paste that exact same worksheet's data into a particular worksheet in workbook "B". I've set handle 1 as the "destination" workbook, and handle 2 as the "source" workbook. In the MS Excel VBO "Copy and Paste...