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    Collection items into Data Item

    Hi, Is it possible to take the rows of data from a collection and concatenate them all into individual rows in a data item? I've tried looping over the collection in a calculation stage but this simply overwrites the value in the data item each time rather than creating a new line and...
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    How to check that every first letter of a data item is Uppercase?

    Hi All, How to check if every first letter of words in a data item is set to uppercase and the rest set to lowercase. ( Variable is the length of words can change in the data item) Data item = "joHn Michael Ryan" = False Data item = "John Micheal Ryan John" = True
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    Set 2 letter words to uppercase in a data item?

    Hi All, I need to set a data item text to uppercase if the data item length is = 2 This data item could also be enclosed in brackets Eg. data1 = (jp) OR jp Expected result = JP
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    Default value for data type

    When coding and checking for error, all error are handle. However there are "warning" type. To help remove all these warning. What would be the default value need for each type?
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    Write Data Item with special characters using Global Send Keys

    Hi all, I have a field on a webpage which is easily identified when there is no input held within it, as it has a UIA Name unique to that field. However, after you begin to type to the field, a dropdown list appears, and the name of the field disappears, meaning that the UIA name cannot be...
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    Trying to compare two data collections and selecting the matched one

    Is this possible to do without excel? I am attempting to compare one data collection (which is extracted from one spot) to see if it may match another data collection (using get all items) from another spot. If they match, i would like to select that item from the drop down list.
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    Using different data items in a loop

    Hello Everyone! I wanted to know if there is any way to perform a calculation on different data item while in a loop in Blue prism. For example, I have cal1,cal2, and cal3 as data items and in each iteration, I want to perform an operation on those 3 items. since cal is common can I just put...
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    Password not being recognised when typed by bot

    I'm currently trying to develop on a new platform that requires username and email credentials. When the bot types in the password it is not recognised, however when I copy and paste the info from the data item into the password field it accepts it. I've tried storing the password as both a text...
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    Excel Data to Data Items

    Hello, I'm new here. Can I ask if it's possible to have Excel values created as separate data items? Let's say I have a column of data item names and another column for its values. Also, if that's not gonna work, is it possible to create data items if I fetched the data to a collection first...
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    Data Item in object studio whose value supposed to be passed from Process is not visible

    Hello, I have spied a textbox whose value should be passed from Process but after publishing this page of object studio . I can see action page in process studio but data item that should appear as input field is invisible. Please suggest , If anyone has idea on this. Note:- I have already...
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    Solved RPA Get name stored from a cell in a website into a text data item

    My project involves checking the data status in terms of date from a website. Here is the sample (the info source is confidential that's why I covered it but each cell in that column contains a unique value) The text I'd like to store in a data item is the highlighted one. My problem is that...
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    Empty Check in Data Item (using decision stage)

    Hi, I need to check if a data item (format: number) is empty in a decision stage, or convert the data item format number to text as the empty check is working with a data item formatted in text. I'll be grateful if I can get a solution to this problem. Thanks, Falua