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    How to handle different Date formats:

    We have scenario where users enter the date in the email body (free text). Ex: Start Date : 08\24\2021 Start Date : August 24, 2021 Start date : 24\08\2021 Start date : July 24, 2021 @ 3:12 PM I am able to get the entire text followed by Start Date: XXXXXXXXX, Using RegEx Now I...
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    Get the day of the last Friday of the month

    Hello everyone. I have a problem, I need to get the day of the last Friday of the month, FROM the current date. I tried everything but I can't find the solution, has someone already tried something similar to guide me? It would be very helpful. Thanks a lot
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    Blue Prism changes extracted date to previous date while reading from Excel(using OLEDB)

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to read date from a particular cell(Date format) in Excel(using OLEDB). Whenever the date is read, in the output the date changes to its previous day. Eg:- If the date in the cell is 17/02/2021 after reading in Blue Prism the output shows 16/02/2021. If...
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    Expression for Yesterdays Date at a specific time?

    I am looking for an expression that displays yesterdays date at a specific time that excludes Sundays - what is the best way to do this? Thank you!! Kyle
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    Isolate date with Regex

    I’m trying to identify the required regex to isolate a date from a text string. The string is in the following format: January 12, 2020 I need to be able to identify any date of any year. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance
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    FormatDate() Help Document

    Hi EveryOne, For FormatDate() as Per The help Document (HelpDocument mean When You open the Calculation Stage Click Question MArk it will redirect to Help Document > Studio>StudioUsage>Calculations and Decisions )it is saying FormatDate("02-11-2016 09:23:43", "t") will return "09:23" As...
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    What is meant by Intervals in DateAdd(),DateDiff(),FormatDate()?

    Hi Everyone, Can some one Please explain What is intervals in DateAdd(),DateDiff(),FormatDate()? Is there any Documentation with example's Please suggest me. Thanks
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    Calculate Previous Monday As A Date

    Hi All, I need to select a file whereby the file name will reference last Monday and last Sunday in the filename. So For example today is 03/08/2018. The file my process would need to select would include the dates 23/07/2018 and 30/07/2018. I have tried to use calendar objects and such but...
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    Collection Sort by DateTime different Time!

    When I sort a collection with a DateTime column type the result of the DateTime will be different in the sorted collection. Each row will be 2 hours less, I think there is a problem with the timezone.
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    Add 7 days to a date

    Hi Team, I have a date and i would be adding 7 days to the existing date if the resultant date is a Sunday or Saturday or any holiday it should postpone the date to Monday or a consecutive date after Sunday or holiday. Thanks and Regards, Prasanth