1. T

    Dynamically change part of code in Code stage

    Hi, I have a Code stage that creates Pivot Table in Excel. The first part of the code is general and the second part is there to describe how the Pivot Table should look like. I would like to be able to dynamically change the second part whenever I want to change the Pivot Table layout. How to...
  2. J

    How to use Reg Ex in application modeller ?

    Hi everyone, Is there any advice to use Reg Ex in application modeller ? I posted a question 2 hours ago, however it's not been showed up. Any admin deleted my question without notice.
  3. J

    How to use "Reg Ex" in path of application modeller

    Hi all, I can't find any example of using regular expression (Reg Ex) in application modeller. Is there any advice ? We have problem to identify the dynamic <DIV> element. The wildcard <DIV>(*) doesn't work. I want to know if Reg Ex is solution or not.
  4. E

    Dictionary in WorkFusion?

    Hey guys! I am trying to extract values from an excel spreadsheet and storing it into a dynamic data structure. Could someone please help me find a solution similar to how a dictionary key/value pair mapping would work? Reply asap please :confused:
  5. E

    Application Modeler: Match Type Dynamic for Enabled attribute

    Team I'm trying to find how to evaluate if a field in a web browser is "enabled" or "disabled" for clicking on it and do an action. As you probably know, when you have more pages to check a table, you usually has a sort of "Next Page" link at bottom which is always enabled if you are in the 1st...
  6. M

    Solved RPA Get name stored from a cell in a website into a text data item

    My project involves checking the data status in terms of date from a website. Here is the sample (the info source is confidential that's why I covered it but each cell in that column contains a unique value) The text I'd like to store in a data item is the highlighted one. My problem is that...
  7. mylearningmanager

    How to handle dynamic DIV values ?

    Hi Guys, Need some help in resolving this dynamic value of either 8 or 9 to DIV(), Its for the same element, differing only at DIV parameter value, as shown below.. as and when the application is launched using ie 11 and BP 6.0 versions...