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    MS Outlook code stage doesnt work in BP

    Hey. I need to save draft mail in specific folder in specific mailbox. I got a code that is working fine from MS:O marco level(as expected) Public Sub CreateMail() Dim myNameSpace As Outlook.NameSpace Dim MyEmail As MailItem ' Create a new Outlook message item programatically Set MyEmail =...
  2. H

    How to integrate dropdown list using BP

    I would like to send an email and this email should contain a column that gives me a "dropdown list" so that the receiver of the email can choose from the options and reply back. How can this be achieved by using blue prism?
  3. S

    Forwarding/Deleting an email with Agilify

    Hello everyone, Lately I have been researching for some Outlook automation with Blueprism. I came to the solution of using Agilify but while trying to use any option where the Message ID is needed (such a move email, forwar, reply to an email or delete an email). I get all the time the...
  4. G

    Email Notification Action

    Hi, Is there a limit on how many recipients that the Email notification action in blue Prism can send to?
  5. M

    Get Outlook email attachment name

    I would like to save an attachment from a received mail (Outlook), and then later open said file in Excel using the "Open Wookbook" (MS Excel VBO) action. To open the file using "Open Workbook", I would need to get the specific name of the saved attachment - wildcards are not allowed, as I...
  6. R

    Automate clicking a link in an email?

    I'm currently working on an automation that generates an email from a website. The email has a hyperlink in it that needs to be clicked on in order to get to the data that was generated. The problem is that the hyperlink is not a URL but just the word 'here', so scraping the text does not work...
  7. C

    Sending email to specific addresses by attaching specific files from folders

    I have a scenario where I have three complex excel files. Each file has thirty to forty worksheets. Each worksheet in excel has to be saved with it's business center number as file name, in a created folder after some data manipulation. For example. file A has 1,2,3,4,centers, and hence 4files...
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    Saving email attachments individually by changing their filename

    Good day Gurus! I'm looking at an issue where I could have multiple attachments in an email that have the same name. Knowing we can't save multiple files with the same name in the same folder, I'd like to loop through each individual attachment and choose the name under which it will be saved...
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    Send HTML Email with Embedded Image for iOS

    Hello, I am trying to send HTML email with embedded image in email body. I am attaching image to email and with HTML I am referring to attachment so it is shown in email body. The code below works fine with Outlook, unfortunately it is not working for iOS Mail. Tried Base64 encoding, but for...
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    Embedding Image In Email Using MS Outlook VBO

    Hi, Doing some work with Outlook and looking into embedding an image in the email body using the MS Outlook VBO. All works fine when sending emails to Outlook accounts. However, when sending to a Gmail account, this fails as no image is showing in the email body Message Is HTML Flag is set...
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    Excel VBA Macro for Sending Mails in Blue Prism through Outlook (To, CC, BCC, HtmlBody & Email Attach)

    'Paste this on Visual Basic IDE of Excel Developer Mode (I used MS Excel 2016) then add it through MS Excel VBO as Macro for your Email Automation in Blue Prism using Outlook. 'You are required to create a configuration file where you insert details Sub SendEmail() 'Sends the outlook email...
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    Blue Prism 6.4.1. Ms Outlook VBO Save Attachment

    Hello Teams, i'm trying to use MS Outlook vbo to save emails attachments with .eml extension (trough Outlook). Neither Save Attachment nor Save Attachments nor Save email as file do this. System tells me that the element (i assume it refers to the .eml file) cannot be opened. I use the ID...
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    Grabbing email body

    Hello, I am grabbing an email body from Outlook and saving it to a collection. I want to parse through the data so that I can grab the rowID, the orderID, and the quantity amount. So far I have split the email body using the String VBO, but I am at a loss as to splitting the data further to...
  14. P

    Delete Message (email) in Blue Prism

    I've configured POP3 gmail settings in POP3/SMTP email business object. When I list my emails into a collection , it shows 3 emails being returned from my mail box which is correct. While I attempt to delete , the email is deleted from the collection but not in the email inbox. A quick...
  15. A

    Port Number & Host Name

    Hi , I am trying to fetch the unread emails from outlook using automation anywhere. But port number or host name its throwing error. Can anyone help me on providing the port number and host name Thanks
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    Reading unread emails

    Hello, I am trying to use the Email - POP3/SMTP Business Object in Blue Prism. I only want to read the unread emails in the mailbox and collect their attachments. Is there a way to do this in Blue Prism? I see I can use the List Messages Action, but I don't want to read all of the emails...
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    Rich Format Text Email

    Hi , I need help in sending outlook Email in Rich Text Format , which Outlook Vbo to be called back end , not front end automation. I need to send attachments in body .So looking out for help Thanks Leela
  18. V

    Sending e-mail using SMTP

    Hello, I am trying to send an email using an outlook account through SMTP. I am getting an error which basically says that "client has not been authenticated". Does the account i am sending from need to be set up on the environment i am using? Is it an issue with username/password? It would...
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    Solved Mapiex - Problem Send Email

    Hi, i have a problem with the addon Mapiex, in particular with the action to "Send Email". When i try to send a email, incur two problems: - It s show the image (in the attachment) that report that Outolook is not default program for emails (but it is). - It s show this error message: "Failure...
  20. R

    Saving .msg file sent via MapiEx

    Hello all, Does anyone know how I can save down a sent item (sent by Mapiex in BP) as a .msg file to a specified filepath? Not keen on opening outlook and navigating to sent items etc, assume there must be a smarter way? Any help would be greatly received! Cheers, Rich