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    Get worksheet range as collection

    Hi, I am reading range of excel sheet into a collection. There are 1650 rows but it is extracting only 17 rows into output collection. I have used number of rows and given input as end cell. Could you please help me what might be the issue?
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    Issues while copying table data from PDF to Excel

    Hi, I have been trying to copy a table from a PDF file and then paste its contents in an Excel. To achieve this I am simply opening the PDF using MS Word VBO and then doing a "Select All" & "Copy". After that I get the contents of the clipboard using "Utility - Environment" and then open the...
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    Copy and paste range in excel error

    Hello all! So I'm trying to copy and paste a column of data (Column D in my case). It's about 7k rows long and I need to move it from one worksheet to another worksheet in the same workbook. I can't have the top row (it's a title) so I made a quick data item with the row # (minus 1). I keep...
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    Reading data from muliplte table structure in single excel sheet

    Hi Everyone, I need to read the content from an excel having two or more table like data in single sheet. And create two collections having data from each table Example: Table 1 Item_Type Brand Price Pencil Fabber 50 Pencil Apsara 30 Pen Parker 100...
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    Making a Screenshot and copying to a new sheet in excel

    Dear community, recently, I am trying to make a screenshot of my Excel sheet. I open Excel (Create instance -> open workbook -> ...). I would like to take a screenshot of my current sheet, then create a new sheet and insert the screenshot into this new sheet. Do you have any idea how I can...
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    Convert Excel File To Pdf

    Hi, Can anyone help to solve the below query. 1) How to Convert excel to PDF. 2) How to convert specific sheet in excel to PDF. Above operation using automation anywhere tool. Thanks
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    How to find the Average of bottom 10 cells in excel

    Hi, I have an excel with 3 columns and i want to find the average of 10 rows from bottom only from column c. Ex: How the column c looks from bottom 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 i want to find the average from bottom (14 to 5). Thanks
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    Excel - getting all sheets

    How can get the all sheets data into collection (For Ex : i cant predict how much sheets am getting in single excel file, it may vary depends upon the day). (In the VBO action, we have to mention the worksheet name & i dont want that). First i have to get all the sheetname in that excel. and...