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    Filter collection

    Hi, Could anyone help in filter collection. where I have current values with 5 different Reservation date and time. I need to exclude only 12 am. I have tried using "ReservationDateTime <> '12:00:00 AM'" - Its not removing the specific row if I give this expression.
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    Filter collection containing apostrophe in its values

    Hello Community, i'm facing an issue filtering a huge (about 4k rows) collection of strings: sometimes the field value is a string with apostrophe (example: "del'aqu"), and i need to filter the collection (like strategy) according that value, which is previously stored in a string data item; i...
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    Filter-Collection Blue Prism

    Hi All, I am having issues around [Utility - Collection Manipulation - Filter Collection] I have a Get Files action which gets all the files from a particular folder and outputs them into a collection in Blue Prism (there are 14 .txt files) I then use the Filter Collection Object to filter...
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    Filtering collection using " " as a delimiter

    Hi, I've read a csv file as a collection and I'm trying to mimic the action of a macro in blue prism, I have sorted the data accordingly and I am now looking to filter the data point (which happens to be datetime) by the " " space separating the date and time. I have this so far...
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    Filter Collection - Name Like *[Data]* issue

    I have been successfully filtering a collection using a data item as a wildcard, but I recently ran into an issue where the name in the data item included a ' and it's caused an error. Example: Data Item Name = L'Oreal Action: Filter Collection Filter: "Name LIKE '" & "*" & [Data Name] & "*"&...
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    Filter a Collection based upon what a file name starts with?

    This sounds to me like it should be easy but I haven't figured it out yet. I have a collection of excel files within BP and I want to filter them because for some reason once I get them inside BP, some of the files are duplicated; Fortunately, the duplicates all add a "~" to the start of their...
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    Get Every Fifth Element from Collection

    Hi. I have a Collection containing a bunch of data. I wonder if its possible to filter it to get every fifth element of the collecation and append it to a new collection.
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    Filter a column with single quote?

    Hi guys, How can I filter a column with single quote? For example: "[Column 1] LIKE ' 'F* ' " (Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: Syntax error: Missing operand after 'F' operator.) Collection Column 1...
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    Blueprism Copy and paste filter data in excel

    I have requirement to filter the records on the basis of one criteria and after comparing both the sheets, paste the records into another sheet. In both the excels the templates are same and there first three rows and last row are merge rows. What i did: After perform all my bot functionality...
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    Filter Collection

    Hi, I tried in Utility - Collection Manipulation -> Filter Collection, Filter "Col like '0*'", this works... But I want to filter the column where the value starts with a number. Something like "Col like '[0-9]*'", is it achievable? Thank you, Jimmy
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    How to stop "Filter Collection" from sorting the result by default.

    I have a collection with one column data as below: (Collection In = Lines) |------------------------------------------| Field Name = Line (Text) Name Microsoft OneDrive for Business Publisher Microsoft Corporation Status New Name McAfee...
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    Collection Filter

    Hi all, I am reading a text file, always containing a header and footer line and some error entries. I already have all single lines available in a collection (see screenshot - Split lines). Now I want to filter out the header and footer and separate the lines , in the end I want to have all...
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    Parameter Filter of Filter Collection

    Hi! that I must enter in the filter parameter... I'm passing this value but it does not generate the output collection: "RUN" = "1111-1" Help, please!