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    Increase in processing time - Web Automation

    Hi All - We're currently working on web automation project where the web page is Chrome based and all the elements have been spied in Browser Mode. While running the automation from the control room, we've observed that the processing time for the first item in the queue is normal, but when the...
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    Mouse Hover - Web application

    Hi, I can spy the elements with html mode in 6.4 version. I can able to highlight also. Refer image : But whenever am click the arrow action - > after if hover the mouse, i have to move to some option9xx), later from the list i have to pick one click text(xx). Which means another layer of...
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    How to select a product(e-retail) element using dynamic attributes?

    Hi all, Hope you are doing great. I am trying to automate an e-retail website using dynamic attributes by making the HTML path as dynamic. I have a data item that contains the product name and I wish to loop through each element on the website containing the product name until there's a match...
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    Button spy issue in Blue Prism.

    I'm using HTML mode in the application modeler to spy a button that grays out on a click. The problem is that the grayed out button shows the same attributes as the enabled button; so when i run it in fast mode the steps skip. Please suggest solution other than adding wait stages in between.