1. M

    Clicks not being recognised by HTML page

    Hi, I am trying to interact with a form on a webpage to input dates and interview times. AA works fine when identifying everything, and HTML can highlight the objects in Application Modeller. However when I try to click on the objects, the clicks aren't being recognised. Blue Prism isn't...
  2. S

    How to count number of elements in a web page

    Hi, I want to count number of elements in a web page. (ex. how many '<li>' in a web page?) If I do with JQuery: $(function() { var size = $('li').length; alert(size); }); or VBA: document.getElementsByTagName("li").length I want to do same as this with Blue Prism. Please tell me...
  3. T

    Send HTML Email with Embedded Image for iOS

    Hello, I am trying to send HTML email with embedded image in email body. I am attaching image to email and with HTML I am referring to attachment so it is shown in email body. The code below works fine with Outlook, unfortunately it is not working for iOS Mail. Tried Base64 encoding, but for...
  4. R

    Write to Textbox Input with Autocomplete and Select from dropdown [HTML]

    Hey everyone. I have a little bit of a tricky situation. There is a webpage that has a input that has a autocomplete feature, as you write in it, it will give suggestions as you type (Similar to google). Now to the problem, if you click the textbox and write with the use of the keyboard it will...
  5. H

    save attched file from sharepiont to BP

    hello , im trying to save the attchment from sharepiont but no luck ,, can get the value which is the file name only , i want the whole link which it shows as link when i spy hmtl element, but cant get it , or even right click and save as
  6. H

    How to clone the object in Automation Anywhere when both HTML objects have same properties?

    I am new to Automation Anywhere. I want to clone 2 different tables of single web-site. The problem is that both tables have same html-ID and the object cloning feature of automation anywhere clones the 1st table it gets and skips the 2nd one. Both table have same structure, same css class and...
  7. D

    Drop down select on change

    Hello, i'm currently working on a project and i came across this issue : in a webpage i have a dropdown select menu from which i need to select an item. i spied the element using html mode and successfully selected the desired value. The issue is that there's a span element that changes...
  8. D

    Solved wait until button in enabled

    Hello, i'm currently having in issue with blueprism. here's the thing : i want to add a wait stage for an html button that is disabled until a calculation is done and then it becomes enabled and clickable, yet u can't seem to find how to do it. i have tried to check HTML attribute in wait stage...
  9. K

    Identify element with hidden efect javascript

    Help with this please! I Can´t identify a element of type 'textbox' with hidden efect javascript.
  10. R

    Rui Costa's Introduction

    Hi everyone, I'm from Portugal and a newbie in RPA, I'm still doing the official training. I've been a web developer for 18 years and in my last 10 years I've developed always with C#, ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC. My main technical experience: on ASP.NET, C#, HTML, Javascript and CSS...
  11. M

    Solved RPA Get name stored from a cell in a website into a text data item

    My project involves checking the data status in terms of date from a website. Here is the sample (the info source is confidential that's why I covered it but each cell in that column contains a unique value) The text I'd like to store in a data item is the highlighted one. My problem is that...
  12. S

    java Automation Oracle

    Hello guys, I'm trying to automate a functionality which is a java applet form Oracle EBS. I'm unable to spy the text boxes in the picture using HTML or java mode. I'm currently activating the window and using global send keys to enter the data. is there an efficient way to enter data?
  13. mylearningmanager

    How to handle dynamic DIV values ?

    Hi Guys, Need some help in resolving this dynamic value of either 8 or 9 to DIV(), Its for the same element, differing only at DIV parameter value, as shown below.. as and when the application is launched using ie 11 and BP 6.0 versions...