intelligent automation

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    Drive Digital Transformation in Healthcare with Intelligent Automation

    Digital transformation has become more pertinent to Healthcare providers with Pandemic and changing ecosystem dynamics. Enormous data, challenging onboarding process, clinical burnouts, denied claims are some of the challenges healthcare providers face every day. Intelligent automation...
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    How To Automate Your Business With 4 Key Technologies

    Whether your company is in finance, manufacturing, or even life sciences, you get work done through processes. Processes are made up of tasks, which you organize into workflows. A new wave of digital technologies makes it possible to automate these tasks — and that workflow management — to...
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    Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) : Everything You Need To Know

    How much staff time does your operation spend processing documents? Most companies devote extensive human resources to this task: One major logistics company required more than a dozen employees to review and verify documents varying from bills of lading to letters of credit. A leading...