intelligent document processing

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    Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) : Everything You Need To Know

    How much staff time does your operation spend processing documents? Most companies devote extensive human resources to this task: One major logistics company required more than a dozen employees to review and verify documents varying from bills of lading to letters of credit. A leading...
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    Process Documents Using Artificial Intelligence For RPA Bots

    Robotic Process Automation has helped many business professionals to automate their repetitive tasks and concentrate on the productive task. These bots work as digital workers on the application user interfaces and mimic the actions. But, these bots used to have some limitations like it would...
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    Maximizing Automation Potential with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP): Nividous Webinar

    Nividous presents a live webinar on how to maximize automation potential with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). You will learn how to use IDP that combines the power of AI technologies-such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, & Machine Learning (ML)-to efficiently capture both...