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    Display Issue when Launch in IE

    HI I am facing weird issue, when launch a webpage from Blue prism , it gets opened in a small popup like container and when i manually open the webpage it gets opened correctly. Url:
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    Blue Prism IE blocked a pop up

    Hi, I am automating a web browser to download a certain file. But before I can get the file, i need to click "Allow Once" (See attached file). Can you help me out with this guys?
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    How to save a Adobe PDF file opened on Internet Explorer?

    Hi I am trying to save a pdf opened by an application directly on internet explorer tab. I have attached the correct window but I cant figure out a way to save the pdf to my local storage. I can't spy when the pdf is open (i can only spy with win32 mode if i kill the AdobeReader process on the...
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    Kill Process Not Working

    Hi, I am using the Kill Process in Utility Environment to kill iexplore. However, it doesn't seem to be doing anything? The process just moves on but doesn't close the application? I am using iexplore as the input value
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    Clicks not being recognised by HTML page

    Hi, I am trying to interact with a form on a webpage to input dates and interview times. AA works fine when identifying everything, and HTML can highlight the objects in Application Modeller. However when I try to click on the objects, the clicks aren't being recognised. Blue Prism isn't...
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    Identifying Elements On Webpage

    I am launching from Blueprism (Internet Explorer). The application modeler doesn't seem to be able to identify elements. Do I need to enable any settings to do this?
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    Identify the browser to continue the automated process instead of wait stage

    Hello Everyone, See if all of you could help. Right now, BOT will go to Bank Website (google chrome) to download the bank statement. We are putting "Wait Stage" around 20 seconds because we do not know the exact loading time. Any possible solution instead of "Wait Stage" to identify the...
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    Identifying An Upload Browse File Prompt

    I have a process which has been running fine for about 8 months. The bot uses Newsweaver (Internet Explorer) and at one point it clicks upload files, and a file browser window opens. The bot then selects a file etc. However, this same logic is not running on another resource. I am unable to...
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    UI Automation mode - Internet Explorer Tab

    Hello! I've the object which needs to navigate through different tabs in Internet Explorer. I've used UI Automation mode in order to spy IE tab. The thing is that it is working terribly slow if the tab with particular name is not opened (even though I've used waitstage). I would appreciate any...
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    Blue Prism - Internet Explorer - Error - Failed to launch application - is not a valid Win32 application. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800700C1)

    I get the "Error - Failed to launch application - is not a valid Win32 application. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800700C1)" when I try to launch Internet Explorer from Blue Prism on a Windows 10 Machine. Please help to solve this.
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    Question on Objects moving from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome

    Hi, Currently we have objects for web application (Internet Explorer), we are planning to move from internet explorer to Chrome? I need some suggestions regarding: 1) Is there a way we can use internet explorer spying elements as chrome ? 2) Is there anyone facing issues while using...
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    Application Modeller with IE - Path with Wildcards freezing my BluePrism for minutes

    Hello there! I'm using a virtual machine with Windows 10 Enterprise, my BluePrism version is 6.3 . There are some elements what I want to detect with Title, Tag Name and Path attributes. For example: A Page link item in a Page Control. Because the Page numbers are randomly generated, the Next...
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    Error spying a button on iexplorer

    Hi guys! I'm new to BP, I still do not finish the training but I have to collaborate on a project. I need to spy a button in HTML, it's a dynamic button that looks perfectly in chrome but not in Iexplorer, it does not look, the place where the button should be is white. How do I do in that case...
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    Error - Launching 1-click webapps with IE

    Hi guys We are suddenly having an issue with our 1-click webapps. When a process is run thrue controlroom, and it should be opening a 1-click webapp with IE, nothing is getting launched. Nothing has been changed in the PRocess or objects. If it is run in debug mode, there is no problem. If it...
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    Snapping Windows left and right

    Hello, I am trying to get a window to snap left or right, In this instance it is internet explorer, as I need two seperate web portals open at the same time, and to manage which window activates properly, it would be convenient to have them snapped. I tried global send keys to use Windows Key...
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    Click a button using C# Code.

    HI All, I'm new on Blue Prism and I'm encountering some issue to click a button on OBIEE Dashboard. I have tried both solution Select by Region and Global Send Keys but doesn't work. When I use one of this solutions seems like that the button works with the previus paramiters and not with the...
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    Solved Blue Prism not attaching to Already Opened Browser.

    Hi, I am currently using BP version 5.0.3 I am currently facing a problem where my BP does not attach to an already opened Internet Explorer 11. I provided the Window Title with wildcard included, with the process name, it still is not able to attach properly. When i opened my task manager, i...
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    Solved Internet Explorer Switch Tabs

    I have already opened internet explorer with two tabs using blue prism.out of two one is selected currently. now i need to switch to the another tab in the internet explorer.