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    Dropdown Selection Not Recognized When Using "Select Item"

    Hi friends, this forum has been a great help to me in the past and I'm hoping it can be once again. BP Version: 6.10.1 Browser: Edge Version 91.0.864.48 Issue: I'm working on a build where I interact with a web application. On this website I make selections in different dropdown menus, and in...
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    Write to Textbox Input with Autocomplete and Select from dropdown [HTML]

    Hey everyone. I have a little bit of a tricky situation. There is a webpage that has a input that has a autocomplete feature, as you write in it, it will give suggestions as you type (Similar to google). Now to the problem, if you click the textbox and write with the use of the keyboard it will...
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    Pass Json type data from variable to javascript code from automation anywhere

    Greetings, I want to pass a json value from a variable to javascript, but the problem is that it is not passing it the right way. Suppose {"name":"JANE","id":"20789","company":"HTC"} is my json data i store in a variable and try to pass it to script, it is passing the value without quotes...
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    Cannot Iterate through JSON items withing injected JS script

    So I am trying to iterate through JSON items via injected script. And BP is throwing me a syntax error that it is incapable of compiling my code. code: function fillInputs(json){ alert(json[0].Email); } through Invoke I am giving [JSON] variable that has a well structured JSON object which...
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    Trouble Spying Javascript Page Element in Chrome

    Hi team, I'm trying to simply spy elements on this page: Using BP 6.3 and Chrome, I can perform the initial identification of both email and password input fields, but I'm unable to highlight. Information about my page element is here (email...
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    Identify element with hidden efect javascript

    Help with this please! I Can´t identify a element of type 'textbox' with hidden efect javascript.
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    Rui Costa's Introduction

    Hi everyone, I'm from Portugal and a newbie in RPA, I'm still doing the official training. I've been a web developer for 18 years and in my last 10 years I've developed always with C#, ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC. My main technical experience: on ASP.NET, C#, HTML, Javascript and CSS...