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    Resource is going offline when we logout VM's by using Login Agent

    Hi, We are using Azure VM's. When we logout other VM by using Login Agent, that resource/machine is going offline instead of Not Connected/Logged out. We have tried in many ways i.e., Server to other VM, VM to VM! Somebody please suggest solution asap.. It's an emergency!
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    Only one Machine/resource found when i connected to Blue Prism server in both Host & VDI?? instead of two!

    To test login agent i have installed Blue Prism in my Virtual Machine. But when i connected to the Blue Prism Central server only one resource is showing in both Host & VDI. I have installed login agent in both Host & VDI. But i'm not understanding why it is showing only one resource!? Somebody...
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    Login Agent - Cyber Ark

    I’m writing this thread because we are planning to migrate our environment from a On-Premise one to a Cloud and also to start using Cyber Ark in our environment. We are on a testing stage and we already made the REST API work from the BP object and on our CyberArk - Login Agent Process...
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    Robot showing as 'too busy to run that process'

    I have a strange issue with a robot resource using the Login agent, reporting that it is 'too busy to run that process' when a task is scheduled. I know the usual solution to this is a 'pending' task hanging about, however in this scenario there is no pending task. If I manually assign a...
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    Question on Login Agent?

    Hi All, I have some questions related to Login Agent So Here is the scenario: if Process A was scheduled at 8: 00 AM it? need to unlock the window for that we need to incorporate the login agent in the same process A which we want to run at 8: 00 AM or do we need to create separate process for...
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    Continue the Process

    Hello Everyone, Is it possible to start the process from any point(stage) we want? ' On my process, I need it to logout ( using login agent) in the middle of process and login again with different credential and continue the process from where it stopped. Can anyone help me on this ? '...
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    Record screen while using Login Agent?

    I am having an issue with my automations working correctly when Login Agent tries to run them (works fine if its Blue Prism Runtime Resource). I am wondering if anyone ever records the screen or perhaps using something like VNC to watch the login agent run? I am reviewing the log messages for...
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    Blue Prism - could not identify process owning the current foreground window

    Hello - I am trying to run scheduled Blue Prism automations on our production server. It has login agent installed on this system. I specified that the Scheduler should run my automations. If I right-click on the schedule and choose "run now" (while I'm logged in to the Runtime Resource (RR))...