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    Missing data from collection when looping

    Hi all, I am facing an issue of missing data when looping the data in collection. Let me explain in detail, Process : 1.Firstly a data report from sap has to be downloaded . 2.using get collection action taking all the data into collection(named as : data collection). 3.After getting in to...
  2. A

    Set Cell Value, Collection

    Hello Everyone, I am stuck in below placees while automating one solution, please help me with this. - I need to write to Excel Cell : Value is 0001234, But when I am using Set Cell Values and saving it. Value is automatically changing to 1234, after save. How to solve this ? - There is need...
  3. B

    Assigning multiple variable in single column

    Hi All, I'm working on some excel validation. The requirement is When the DOB is null then i should populate the corresponding Name in a cell. I have around 100 records. In the loop some (eg:2,4,5) iterations of DOB is null. Now i want to write Name2, Name4,Name5 in a single cell (eg:A1)...
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    How to loop DOMxpath location?

    Hello, I have a DOMxpath //section[@id='content']/div[3]/ul[1]/li[1]/div[1]/a[1]/img[1] //section[@id='content']/div[3]/ul[1]/li[1]/div[1]/a[1]/img[2] //section[@id='content']/div[3]/ul[1]/li[1]/div[1]/a[1]/img[3] till 18th image, how can i use variable to loop above xpath...
  5. K

    Is it possible to run the loop for a particular period of time?

    Is it possible to run the loop for a period of particular time? Means we can run the loop command for 10 times in the same way is it possible to run for 15 minutes of time like that? Thanks in advance.
  6. R

    How to use Loop in gmail reading

    Hi.....am new to BLUEPRISM..... Here using Bp clients mail has to read and download the attachment everytime.......it's done for once........but again and again we can't run the program....so if we use loop it will read every mail automatically.....so can anyone help me with this....I don't know...
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    ERROR: Internal : The collection has no current row Blue Prism

    Hey, I'm looking for some help I'm using Blue Prism to implement a solution, there is a decision stage where I check the following [Datos Segmento. Organizational Unit (Label)]<>"" But when I step run it sometimes gives the error The collection has no current row, during an online research...
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    WorkQueue - GetNextItem looping for ever

    HI all, i am new to BluePrism. I create a simple workflow that gets 5 rows of items from Excel then put it in a Work Queue. I then created a business object that loops the work queue items (Get Next Item) and then do something with that data (enter it in another basic system) However its...