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    ERROR: Your program is not connected to a host session - IBM AS400 Mainframe

    Hi, I've run into an issue when restarting my mainframe application. As it is easier to restart the mainframe application when an error occurs and get the next item I receive this error. After I get and exception, I restart the mainframe and login again. When stage Write is used to enter in...
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    No Attach Option in Navigate stage for Mainframe Automation using Microfocus Reflection Desktop 16.1 (.Net API)

    Dear All, I am using Microfocus Reflection Desktop .Net API as application type in Application Modeller inside Blueprism for my mainframe application. I have configured the session file and other settings as mentioned in the document on portal...
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    Hello all would like to get help regarding mainframe application. I need to do a screenshot/print screen of the whole application and save it in word document as image. Tried to use gsk but its not working can anyone help? Thank you allb
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    Different IBM Mainframes

    Hi everyone, Could not find the answer on the BP Portal, so I give it a try on this forum. Can anyone explain me the difference between the 3 IBM Mainframe options in BP, being: IBM Personal Communicator (COM API) IBM Personal Communicator (HLLAPI) IBM iAccess For Windows (EHLLAPI) Second...
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    Error to Attach in Mainframe Application

    Hi People, When i execute my process in Control room i have this error to attach a mainframe application (QWS3270 PLUS): ERROR: Internal : Failed To perform Step 1 In Navigate Stage 'Attach Mainframe' on page 'Attach Mainframe' - This resource is unavailable. The host presentation space is...
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    Blue Prism - Mainframe Application Getting Launched with error

    Hi All I am trying to automate Mainframe through Blue Prism. Have given the path and terminal to launch the application. When I press the launch button, terminal is getting launched but it is throwing the below error and the flowchart is not able to proceed further. ""Error - Failed to launch...