1. T

    Send HTML Email with Embedded Image for iOS

    Hello, I am trying to send HTML email with embedded image in email body. I am attaching image to email and with HTML I am referring to attachment so it is shown in email body. The code below works fine with Outlook, unfortunately it is not working for iOS Mail. Tried Base64 encoding, but for...
  2. B

    Mapiex and Outlook

    I am using Mapiex to read email from Outlook and its working fine but when i close the outlook its not updating/syncing the new emails and thus Mapiex is not able to read new emails. I thought of adding one extra step to my robot which will open the outlook and click on sync tab every time the...
  3. C

    6.4 and Outlook VBO: "Send As" functionality

    I am replacing the old Mapie VBO with the Outlook VBO since upgrading to BP 6.4. Mapie had an action allowing bots to switch Outlook profiles and this seems to be missing from the new VBO. One of my bots needs to send emails as a shared inbox we've set up. So far, I haven't found an out of the...
  4. V

    How to send Email with Mapiex listing different variables in the Email body

    Hello, I need to build a process in Blueprism to read and extract some fields from a given SQL Server 2016 table (employee names, tasks assigned to any of them, task deadlines, email addresses) and generate one email via MapiEx for every employee which contains, stictly in the email body, his...
  5. B

    Outlook with Mapiex- Reading email Body

    I am reading email body which contains table with the help of MapieX and was doing some different steps on the content of email body. The problem i am facing now is that, when i wrote the process/logic the tabular content was splitted by TAB and now i have moved my code to different machine and...
  6. D

    MAPI to EWS (Exchange Web Services) migration

    Hi all, For the moment we are sending all our mails with the standard Blue Prism MAPIEx object. Our Exchange team wants us to replace MAPI with Exchange Web Services. Is there anyone who already did this? If yes, what are your experiences? Thanks!
  7. M

    MapiEX suddenly stopped working...

    Hi Guys.. MapiEX send mail option not sending mails .. its was working when I install MapiEx and I am able to send mail ... I didn't changed any of the options in Object Studio but it suddenly not sending emails .. I am able send mails through outlook .. seems no issue with outlook .. can...
  8. C

    Solved Mapiex - Problem Send Email

    Hi, i have a problem with the addon Mapiex, in particular with the action to "Send Email". When i try to send a email, incur two problems: - It s show the image (in the attachment) that report that Outolook is not default program for emails (but it is). - It s show this error message: "Failure...
  9. KaliRaj1982

    Mapiex VBO - Email Management

    Hi All, I wants to do below steps in outlook, 1. Check if new emails available -"Using Get Mail". 2. If available - Read email and Store in to the Collection. 3. Process excel - Move collection to Excel file. 4. Move the Email to the Processed Folder. 5. Again do...
  10. C

    Shared Mail Inbox Outlook

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know how to config blue prism to interact with a shared mailbox. Mailbox has been created and is visible in outlook version 2010. I'm able to interact with the personal inbox but unable to interact with the shared inbox. Any help or guides on how to do this would be...
  11. R

    Saving .msg file sent via MapiEx

    Hello all, Does anyone know how I can save down a sent item (sent by Mapiex in BP) as a .msg file to a specified filepath? Not keen on opening outlook and navigating to sent items etc, assume there must be a smarter way? Any help would be greatly received! Cheers, Rich
  12. S

    Multiple attachment

    How to attach Multiple Attachment using MAPIEx??
  13. S

    Scanning a particular email in Outlook using MAPI

    Hi Experts, I am new to Blue Prism. I am working on a bot where the requirement is to search for an email in Outlook based on a text in the Subject. I am using VBO MAPIEx. I used 2 of its actions - "GetMail" and "List Mails within Date and Time". "Get Mail" is only reading the first mail from...
  14. N

    MAPI Error occurred : 0x80004005

    Hi, I am experiencing some troubles with MaPIEx. I'm trying to send an email (MaPIEx is installed correctly and Outlook is set as a default program) but I'm getting following error messages - Failure in Send Mail function of Blue Prism Extended MAPI Automation. Failed to initialise MAPIEx (A...
  15. M

    MAPIEx - Failed to Access Message Store

    Hi, Anyone encountered this error when using MAPIEx? I have 2 profiles in my machine (let's call it Test 1 and Test 2) and I am trying to read emails off Test 2. Not sure if there are any additional setup needed for multiple profiles. MAPIEx was working fine when I was using only 1 profile...
  16. M

    Solved MAPIEx "Get Mail" not working

    Hi folks, I've installed the MAPIEx VBO - I assume that is done correctly as I can send emails from it, but when I try to run the "Get Mail" action I'm getting the following error: "Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: Could not load file or assembly...