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    Passing Parameters to Macro from Blueprism

    Hi Team, I have a macro with me for saving the "Chart" in excel as image. But I want to pass the image name and the path as parameters to the Macro using Blueprism. Can someone please help me on this? Sub SaveSelectedChartImage() ActiveChart.Export "C:\Users\ABC\Desktop\Test\test.png" End Sub
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    Refreshing Pivot Table

    Hi everyone, After writing an appended collection to master excel file, when I refresh the file using MS Excel VBO with action 'RefreshPivotTable' I am getting an error : “The PivotTable field name is not valid. To create a PivotTable report, you must use data that is organized as a list with...
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    Excel VBO - Pivot Table Report Layout

    Hello, I'm trying to arrange my pivot table's report layout as tabular form. In the offical document of Microsoft Excel, the related code for changing report layout is: pvt.RowAxisLayout xlTabularRow I wrote this code in Blue Prism as: PvtTbl.RowAxisLayout = "xlTabularRow" Also...
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    MS Excel VBO - SaveWorkbookAs

    Hi all, I am currently encountering a problem with the MS Excel VBO - SaveWorkbookAs action. At my client we are in a transition from Win7 to Win10 and I am testing all existing processes and objects. The SaveWorkbookAs action doens't work like it used to on our Win7 resource machine. Nothing...
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    Data Extraction From Excel Using OLEDB

    Hi All, I need help on extracting data from Excel file. I cannot use MS Excel VBO - because Sheet has more than 10 duplicate column names(but data inside them is different). So if I try to extract using Excel VBO I get an error stating column name already exists in the data table. So I tried...
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    ActiveWindow option in code stage

    I want to create a page in the ms excel vbo to create freeze panes i have recorded a macro and the code for it is With ActiveWindow .SplitColumn = 0 .SplitRow = 1 End With ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True The major issue is use of ActiveWindow as it can't be use like ActiveWorkbook or...
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    Append Excel data into a new Excel file

    I have a requirement where we get 5 excel files into a shared drive. Each excel has like 14000 records in it, All we have to do is get all the data from all 5 files and append/paste the data into new excel file (Template). I was able to do this task using MS Excel VBO with less records like 4000...
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    Excel Updation in row of the value ; Urgent

    Hi peeps, Need some urgent help. I have an master tracker excel file with data fields as in the snapshot. We are only concerned about AML folder ID here. Say, We pick the first AML folder ID 1, perform some work, and after everything is done, we come back to the same excel and in the same row...
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    Macros - Can you use them across multiple workbooks?

    Hello, I have used macros in Excel before, but in the past they were always used on nice worksheets that had the macros ingrained. I have a different situation now though, and can't seem to wrap my head around it. For setup, I have 2 documents I have created: 1. Data.xlsx (which I am manually...
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    Get Excel keytips dynamically to navigate tabs

    We are trying to automate some custom Excel Add-Ins (e.g. Smartview, Vision) using SendKeys to navigate the tabs using Excel keytips. I have seen some threads around automating Smart View but as we are doing this with several other Add-Ins we would like to explore this solution as it is...
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    How to insert excel spreadsheet in Word document

    I am trying to embed excel spreadsheets in word document. When intried to select and copy paste from clipboard the excel is getting saved as image. Where as i want to save it as embedded object. Could somebody help.
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    Get CSV Text as Collection Issue

    Hello - I am trying to get the CSV values into a collection. However, when there is a date item for ex: '5/5/2018' - when it is converted into a collection it is having a text value like '28170'. If the date value in excel is 05/05/2018 - then it is properly being read. How can we solve this...
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    How do I clear a range of cell values in Blue Prism?

    Hi , I want to clear a range of cell values in Excel, Cannot delete the rows because I need the row numbers as it is. Please help. TIA
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    Extract Email From the string

    "Requires TEST (TL*) to be created - e-mail to ACTION Team (XXXXXXlog@gmail.xx ) to add user to this group" I have to extract XXXXXlog@gmail.xx from this string. Using extract regex value or any other way.
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    Question on Write collection action for ms excel vbo?

    Hi every one, I have 4000 records in collection I want to write this collection in to Ms excel by using these aactions in ms excel vbo. >create instance>open workbook>show>writecollection..But it is taking very long time to write this collection in ms excel vbwrite collection. way we can...
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    Excel whith Worksheet

    Hi! I need to generate an Excel file with 2 sheets. I need to fill each sheet with data from 2 collections (one collection per sheet). Help with this please!
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    How to delete all the rows except header in an Excel workbook?

    My goal is to copy and paste data from Excel 1 to Excel 2 but before doing that, I need to delete all the data, except headers from Excel 2. I really appreciate your help. Copying a collection with just 1 row doesn't work since it just append data and does not replace everything from excel.