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    Extending Word VBO to Print

    Hi everyone, I've attempted to follow the instructions provided in this post: (thank you @sivagelli). However, I am getting an error that states "Internal : Could not execute code stage: Parameter count mismatch."...
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    Solved CODE Stage to Get page count in MS Word Document

    Hello, I'm working on a project and as a part of project requirement, I need to get the page count from of each MS world file from the total files. I'm looking for the VBO Code based solution as volume is large for the files. I've below VB code to get the page number for active document but not...
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    How to insert excel spreadsheet in Word document

    I am trying to embed excel spreadsheets in word document. When intried to select and copy paste from clipboard the excel is getting saved as image. Where as i want to save it as embedded object. Could somebody help.
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    How to make specific phrase bold in MS VBO

    Hello, I need to make a specific phrase in MS Work bold. My initial thoughts were to use the following actions from the MS Word VBO: Find Text Replace Highlighted Text, and set the 'New Bold' parameter to True (see below). This, however, neither replaces the phrase, or makes it bold. I...
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    Solved [MS Word VBO] Insert Image to Word page

    Hello, I need to insert an image to a word file. First I have wrote the macro in VBA to insert image to a specific page in a word file Sub InsertImage() Dim PicPath As String Dim aShape As Shape PicPath = "C:\Users\f04959c\Desktop\Capture.PNG"...
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    Type Bold/Underlined text in Word

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to type something in Word using MS Word VBO in BluePrism. Type Text works well when writing plain text. However, I cannot find a way to write certain words bold and/or underlined. Is there a way to do this? Thank you!