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    A Leading Bank Uses Nividous RPA Bots to Automate its Trade Finance Operations

    Nividous automates the daily closure process for letters of credit and provides a friction less trade finance experience. The RPA Bots enabled process automation improves data accuracy, audit ability, and process visibility. Download the case study and learn more about the benefits of robotics...
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    Nividous Webinar on Power of RPA with Blockchain technology | September 19th | 11.00 AM EDT

    RPA can seamlessly interact with end-users and systems while automating repetitive, and high-volume processes, whereas Blockchain technology provides a trusted transaction processing back-end for improved audit and compliance. Join this webinar to learn: Basics of RPA and Blockchain...
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    Data Sheet Robotic Process Automation – Nividous Software Solutions

    Nividous also has a RPA Quick Start program which allows companies to jump-start their program quickly and for a nominal fixed cost. This program also helps to deal with one of the major problems that derails RPA programs, WHERE TO START! The Nividous team meets with stakeholders using a proven...
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    A live webinar on “The Fast Lane to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation

    There are many potential business process automation technologies to select from when you choose how to invest in your digital transformation of your company. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology has emerged as the ‘Starter Piece’ and is being embraced by organizations at a rapid pace due...