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    Run Access queries on Blue Prism

    Hi, fellows! I'm working on automating a process that needs to run some queries in Access (based on a Form with the necessary sequence of queries). How can I teach this Form to the robot through the Data - OLEDB object? Is this possible? Image 1 - Queries Image 2 - VBA with the Forms...
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    OLEDB VBO Connection string for .xls file not working.

    Hi, I have been using the OLEDB VBO in Blue Prism for a few weeks, and have it successfully pulling information from one set of sheets that have a .xlsx format using the connection string: "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source="&[File Path]&";Extended Properties=""Excel...
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    Excel Update using OLEDB

    Hello All I am working on updating the excel using oledb query it is working for other cells but for one cell updation it is giving error as "Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: No value given for one or more required parameter" Connection string ...
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    Blue Prism Oracle connection

    I have written a oracle connection code in code stage. Any one has idea what .dll file should be attached in the object?
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    MS Access - OLEDB VBO - Data integrity rule

    Hello to all, I have implemented a connection to MS Access DB with the OLEDB VBO. However, some times when I try to update a field in Access with the Execute Action and an SQL query, I have an exception with the reason of "You cannot update this field because the value you're trying to apply...
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    OLEDB - Get collection

    Hi All, When I tried to connect the OLEDB for one of my process, its working fine(its nearly 50 rows of data as output). But for another process its not working. while running its take sometime and throwing the error. (while manually the result is having only 10 rows output). its showing the...
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    Help needed with OLEDB csv connection string.

    I am working on a file, where I have to pull over 150K rows from CSV file into collection. I am trying doing same using OLEDB VBO. But, I am stuck at setting up the OLEDB CSV connection string, getting attached error. I gone through documentation on portal also but not of much help there as...