pdf text extraction

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    Issues while copying table data from PDF to Excel

    Hi, I have been trying to copy a table from a PDF file and then paste its contents in an Excel. To achieve this I am simply opening the PDF using MS Word VBO and then doing a "Select All" & "Copy". After that I get the contents of the clipboard using "Utility - Environment" and then open the...
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    Unable to read the text in different page of pdf

    I have pdf of 19 pages. I have to extract the Name of Candidate from 1st 5 pages. I'm using Region mode to extract page number and Candidate Name. But I'm only able to read Name from 1st page. Next page onward reading fails. "Unable to match window to read name" How to resolve it. Please...
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    How to Extract PDF data to excel

    What are all the ways to extract PDF data to excel in blue prism.
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    Reading PDF File with Same Structure of data

    How to read whole PDF data without using Region mode.? I have multiple pages with the same structure of data so I need to get that data from PDF and need to compare it with another text. Please PFA below, from that PDF I need to pick all account numbers I don't know how to pick multiple account...
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    Unable to capture text in PDFs for some fields where the position of the field is on the next page.

    The PDF is of same templates. Im trying to read text by OCR and it is capturing well for all PDFs except for some where the field falls under next page (in same order). Im trying to capture firstName LastName and email, where the email falls under next concurrent page following the same order of...
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    Can we work with Multiple PDF's using BluePrism

    Can we work with Multiple PDF's using BluePrism. I have a Folder with 10 PDF's and need to extract the information from each PDF and process into Application. I know we need to launch and spy the PDF file and select the required elements using application modeler, but the question is can we...
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    Scrap unstructured data from PDF

    Hi guys, I am stuck with something. I have a pdf with numerous pages and each page have datas which may vary from page to page. Each data have headings which is the only thing fixed in the pdf. The position keeps on varying. Even if we scrape it may work for some pages, but not completely. So I...
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    PDF - OCR

    Hello, *****I'm trying to OCR pdf in region mode and I kept it as size to fit(it should be sized to fit in ADOBE READER for development purpose) as i need to take lots of data for example :the name of the company region. example: The actual pdf contains the name as : Americhem Inc...
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    Copy text within bounding coordinates in PDF

    Hi, I want to extract texts within coordinates in a PDF, which would correspond to certain field headers and values. I found a site that has the C# code which I would like to use in a code stage. http://www.rasteredge.com/how-to/csharp-imaging/pdf-text-extract/ Since I'm new to programming, I...