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    Multiple dots when reading Number as Text - Reading using OCR

    Hi, When Spying on Region Mode and reading Total Value using OCR, sometimes the output has 2 dots Example 1 = 12,.400.55 Example 2 = 1,.200.99 My Final output is after removing "," Final 1 = 12.400.55 Final 2 = 1.200.99 issue: Unable to Cast text into the Number Can anyone tell me how to...
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    Spying a table in region mode

    we are automating a process where a legacy application is used not sure about on what code it is bult , I am able to spying through AA mode , but when it come for spying a table I am facing problem ,I don't know how to spy a table in region could you advise
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    Unable to read the text in different page of pdf

    I have pdf of 19 pages. I have to extract the Name of Candidate from 1st 5 pages. I'm using Region mode to extract page number and Candidate Name. But I'm only able to read Name from 1st page. Next page onward reading fails. "Unable to match window to read name" How to resolve it. Please...
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    Hi, I spied a text with region mode spy, I already setup as coordinate in order to use a read stage later. configuring Data with Recognise Text. When I tested in my machine works fine, but when i tested in other machine, doesnt recognize it, I found that the problem is that there's a tiny change...
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    Region mode, get the number of elements

    Hello, if anyone has any idea how to use the region mode to query the number of elements (graphics) in a given area. Thanks!
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    Surface Automation - Google Chrome

    Hey guys, I am using surface automation for spying Google chrome. What is a good way to have a backup option for an element of type button or any other type. Let's say i spied a button which i am using as the first option to click, what would be a good way to make sure to have a backup option...
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    How to copy Table with Rows and column as image(Region mode) and load it in collection or excel file?

    I've tried with Read with OCR action, still I couldn't copy all the rows and load it to collection or excel.
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    Surface Automation Issue

    Hello, I'm using Surface Automation on Citrix but when I press the "OK" button that appears in a warning screen using surface automation, the program that is supposed to open does not open but if I press this ok button by myself non-automated, the program opens normally. I tried pressing on...
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    Blueprism Region mode does not capture screen correctly

    Hi, I am trying to capture "Surface Automation Training" tool login page using Region mode, however, captured image is not correct. Please see the attached screenshot. Environment - Blueprism 6.3 OS - Window 10. The issue does not happen on Blueprism 6.3 and OS Window 8.1 I tried playing...
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    How to launch jnlp application and write data into fields in them?

    Hello, We are facing an issue where we are trying to launch a .jnlp file from blueprism. What I have tried is: 1. If I select Windows mode and select jp2launcher.exe, it doesn't work. 2. I select java - based application, but it can use only jar files 3. checked the jnlp files and I can see...
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    Surface automation: Blue Prism cannot recognise Fonts.

    Hi all, I am trying to read text from a region using "Recognise text" action, I have turned off "font smoothing" but Blue Prism won't recognise the font. I have tried to manually identify the fonts but the size and font combinations are too many. Please suggest a solution, in case I need to...
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    Blue prism interact with Remote Desktop process

    Hi all! I’m struggling to automate a Remote Desktop process. I’ve used region mode but can’t send keys nor write text in the images/regions. I’ve managed to attach to the Remote Desktop window but failing to interact with the windows within. None of the spy modes have been successful. Will...