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    Robin, the RPA Language

    Hello all! I am James, Technical Evangelist @ Robin, the RPA Language! Robin is the first programming language, soon to be fully open-source and available on GitHub. We are currently migrating the whole project to .NET core, once the migration is complete everything (literally) will be uploaded...
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    Nividous Software Solution's eBook pdf | RPA eBook pdf | Robotic Process Automation pdf

    Robotic Process Automation is the most versatile and fastest growing segment of the smart technology solutions. Download this free RPA eBook pdf to discover: What is RPA and signs that it might be for you Business benefits and use cases of RPA RPA implementation roadmap What is beyond RPA...
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    Free RPA Tool similar to Blue Prism

    Hi, does anyone knows a nice and easy to learn open source or free rpa tool similiar to Blue Prism? I've tried work fusion but it is too different from blue prism, so I'm having a hard time learning :D Thank you!