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    HResult 0X800A03EC

    Hi Guys, I'm facing error while bot performing Operations on Excel operations like copy, paste, vlookup. Error: could not execute code stage HResult:0x800A03Ec" Any one help me on this how to resolve or handle. Thanks in Advance!
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    Dynamic nested folder creation using Blueprism

    Hi Folks, Hope you all doing good. Am facing some challenges in creating Nested folders using blueprism in code stage. let me explain the process. 1. I have a list of folder names and sub-folder names in which i need to create and i have attached the screenshot for the same. Here column...
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    TERADATA Connect to ODBC

    Hi All - Can we connect TERADATA Database in Blueprism ? Is it possible to connect via ODBC/OLEDB? or should we need to write C# code
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    Blueprism - Webservices/API

    Does anyone has some good documentation links/Video url to learn Webservices/API functionalities via BluePrism? How to get trained and understand the basics of WebServices in BP?
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    Copy Collection

    Below error appears when I try to copy row from Source collection to output collection ( Utility - Collection Manipulation; Action: Copy Rows) Did someone have any resolution? @VJR Source Collection: Contains fields with values Output collection: Empty System Exception ...
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    Filter Excel Column Value Having Multiple Values in the cell

    Hi Team, I have an excel contains one column called Email i want to filter one value ex : ";" I want to filter the above cell value. when i am trying to filter the above value using blueprism Bot is filtering individually both emails...
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    Need C# code for Set Auto Filter in Excel

    Need C# code for Set Auto Filter
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    Reading some Required fields from Text file Notepad

    Hi Team, I have a text file non-structured data i want to read some Required fields in that text file. Kindly help me out for this on Priority. Best Regards, VenkataKrishna Telukuntla
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    How to compare two worksheets in a single workbook

    Hi All, I have below query. There is a workbook name ie WB1.In which there are two worksheets name as WS1 & WS2. WS1 contain 39columns with 15,000 data and WS2 contain 44columns with 20,000 data. Now, we want to compare two sheets data...
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    Rename field in collection

    Hi - I need to rename two fields from Collection and store the result in Collection2 Have to rename: Delay (Sec.) to Delay and Duration(sec.) to Duration Please check with attached screenshot and let me know where I am wrong