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    SAP Automation using BAPI & RPA

    Hi Everyone! Trying to automate an SAP table for open sales orders. Functionality required : Need to fetch data of all SKUs in the sales order and modify some of them basis logic. Issue : Using BP (RPA) I will have to go through each line item (SKU) . Although someone mentioned that I can...
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    SAP Treeview not working

    Hi Team, Am working on the SAP process. While extracting the "tree view" , am not able to spy the element. but in code stage its working fine, but when the expand node number is changed in prod, its not working. can anyone help me on this, how to click on the particular element which we...
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    SAP Automation Target application could not be identified

    My SAP automation works fine except one step. Process can attach page1 then click button for open page2. When page2 popup apperar blue prism cant attach page2. I use one session. I try everyhing. I run step by step process work fine. That process step doesn't work only production environment...
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    SAP Success Factors - Workbook Automation

    Hi there, Has anyone in the group got a chance to work on SAP Success Factors automation. If yes, please respond me. Thanks, Himavanth
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    Issue in closing SAP Application

    Hi All, I have a process that works about 24 hours a day. This bot extract a lot of files from SAP, manipulate them and save it in to a specific folder. If bot is not able to extract the file from SAP, close and reopen again SAP application and trying to export file again. If the bot is not...
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    SAP data extraction from BAPI file.

    How to extract SAP data through BAPI file when we have to pass the parameter values? (I am using community edition).
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    SAP List row can't selected

    Hi Guys, Firstly i want to thank to you all because I've learned much form you so far. This is my first question, i was mostly a reader :) There is a long invoice list on SAP and i have to select a row and then click a button. But i think blue prism does not support list operations. I try to...
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    Solved SAP Session Handling

    Hi, I'm building a robot with BP 6.5 that needs to open, manage and close three SAP sessions not at the same time. Different transactions are invoked for each session. Opening with CTRL + works fine. However, when the robot switches from one session to another to insert the transaction, it...
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    Issue while spying SAP objects using Blue Prism

    Hi All, I am currently facing a weird issue while spying SAP[750 Final Release] objects using Blue Prism [Version 6]. NOTE : Scripting is Enabled and Default script setting RZ11 is made true. A>When i try to spy on User field ,it identifies the entire window instead of the actual object...
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    SAP Process chain Status

    Hi all, I am aiming to automate SAP application and need help in retrieving rows of completed status. (pls see image attached). Green symbol indicated that it is completed. Can someone provide a method on how to extract the status with green dot completed rows alone. There is an option to...
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    Can't select item in SAP using Code stage

    Hi, I am using SAP for a use case where I need to highlight a row and press a button. However, when I tried to use the SAP mode to spy this row that I need to highlight, it's unable to select that row as a unique element. Please refer to the image. I used the code stage (used SAPs built in...
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    Blue Prism Can't write into SAP field

    Hi, I'm having issues with my write and navigate actions in SAP. Yes, the settings for scripting and accessibility are fine. Also the server side is checked. I can read the text field but that is the only action that it allows me to do. I can only spy it in SAP SPY MODE the other option can't...
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    Spying and Extracting SAP Table / List to BP

    Hi all, Just going to copy what another person wrote in a comment section, as i have the same exact problem: Objective: To spy and get/extract SAP table/list data in a Blue Prism collection. Problem : Need to extract a SAP table for a process, as details in the table needs to be iterated...
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    Dynamically generate filenames using current date & time

    Hi all, In an SAP automation script I am working on, I need to save files and generate a unique filename using the date and time which they were saved. Does anyone know how to access environmental variables containing current time using Blue Prism? Secondly, I am having trouble concatenating...
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    Interacting with SAP Top Menu Bar

    Hi, all! I am automating SAP processes using Blue Prism. Some scripts I am making require interaction with SAP's top menu. The top menu bar of SAP that often displays options such as Menu, Settings, Edit, etc. (shown in picture). For some scripts I can get away with using F-commands, but...
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    SAP Fiori in Automation Anywhere

    Hi Team, Do you have ideas on how to automate SAP Fiori using Automation Anywhere? It is different from SAP GUI. Regards, Dan
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    SAP Automation

    Hi, I am working on SAP Automation. I am facing an issue when entering a SAP transaction code which is a long string of characters (customized tcode of 20 chars). I have spied the tcode textbox and then I am writing the text. However, as the text is long I am finding that only a part of the...