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    Shareware app for downloading SAP table data

    Hi all, just wanted to mention that i wrote a little C# shareware application that lets you connect to SAP system(s) and download tables (or query sub sets). Can also be called from command line with arguments in your flow. Has customizable settings for file names and output locations etc. Might...
  2. G

    Open SAP transaction directly with command line parameter in Application Modeller

    Hello everyone, I saw a possibility to open a SAP transactions directly without start/login in SAP Logon with the command line parameters in the Application Modeller. Can someone explain to me what kind of code is needed or write me the code to open transaction ME51N in P1A. Thanks and have a...
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    SAP Automation Target application could not be identified

    My SAP automation works fine except one step. Process can attach page1 then click button for open page2. When page2 popup apperar blue prism cant attach page2. I use one session. I try everyhing. I run step by step process work fine. That process step doesn't work only production environment...
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    How to attach Excel (opened by SAP)?

    Hello everyone, is there a way how to attach the excel which gets automatically opened by SAP when robot is saving report as spreadsheet? But the Excel isn't opened within the RPA Excel instance... So far I kill the excel process and open the excel again but it doesn't feel right, especially...
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    SAP scripting issue when only Playback is active

    Hi I was wondering why Blue Prism is not working when we have developted process in full accessibility to Scripts in Dev enviroment and when we moving it to Production we only have turned on options to run scripts (there is no possibility to record those) and we getting error: "Exception has...
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    Issue in closing SAP Application

    Hi All, I have a process that works about 24 hours a day. This bot extract a lot of files from SAP, manipulate them and save it in to a specific folder. If bot is not able to extract the file from SAP, close and reopen again SAP application and trying to export file again. If the bot is not...
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    Couldn't identify foreground window (SAP) after closing Adobe Reader

    Hello, I'm facing a problem with BP not being able to detect foreground window after closing Adobe Reader DC (i use it to auto print docs). I'm using SAP to open an attachment (it opens in adobe reader), where i attach to it, print and close it. After closing it it does not switch to (last)...
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    SAP List row can't selected

    Hi Guys, Firstly i want to thank to you all because I've learned much form you so far. This is my first question, i was mostly a reader :) There is a long invoice list on SAP and i have to select a row and then click a button. But i think blue prism does not support list operations. I try to...
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    Solved SAP Session Handling

    Hi, I'm building a robot with BP 6.5 that needs to open, manage and close three SAP sessions not at the same time. Different transactions are invoked for each session. Opening with CTRL + works fine. However, when the robot switches from one session to another to insert the transaction, it...
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    SAP Process chain Status

    Hi all, I am aiming to automate SAP application and need help in retrieving rows of completed status. (pls see image attached). Green symbol indicated that it is completed. Can someone provide a method on how to extract the status with green dot completed rows alone. There is an option to...
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    How to use Excel VBO from SAP

    Hi I need to save data as xlsx file downloaded from SAP. The SAP window has an excel button that shows an excel preview mode with multiple sheets and can be saved as it shows. I want to save it from that preview window because I can save it with the sheets. The problem is I cannot use Excel...
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    SAP_Blue prism_How to select something based on SAP Grid view?

    SAP_Blue prism_How to select something based on SAP Grid view? When i am trying a navigate stage-I am just getting option for Selecting Item based on ID-From where can i find the ID for that particular element that i want to select? Please help!
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    Spying and Extracting SAP Table / List to BP

    Hi all, Just going to copy what another person wrote in a comment section, as i have the same exact problem: Objective: To spy and get/extract SAP table/list data in a Blue Prism collection. Problem : Need to extract a SAP table for a process, as details in the table needs to be iterated...
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    SAP GUI - SAP Mode Invocation Issues

    Hi, I have been working with SAP and Blue Prism for 18 months, but there are some issues that have been presented over the last few months. I am unable to log in to the SAP via the GUI, as when I select an instance to log in with, none of the elements (client field, user name field, password...
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    Dynamically generate filenames using current date & time

    Hi all, In an SAP automation script I am working on, I need to save files and generate a unique filename using the date and time which they were saved. Does anyone know how to access environmental variables containing current time using Blue Prism? Secondly, I am having trouble concatenating...
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    Interacting with SAP Top Menu Bar

    Hi, all! I am automating SAP processes using Blue Prism. Some scripts I am making require interaction with SAP's top menu. The top menu bar of SAP that often displays options such as Menu, Settings, Edit, etc. (shown in picture). For some scripts I can get away with using F-commands, but...
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    SAP get screen bound not the correct numbers.

    So I am trying to get the X, Y with SAP Spy mode and it is recognized as an SAP element, but when I am getting the coordinates or the Width and Height to try to click that with Global MouseClick does not click the same position that I got with the Coordinates from the SAP spied element. These...
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    Manipute SAP TreeView - Blue Prism

    Hello everyone, I'm creating an automation using Blue Prism for the SAP BMBC transaction. When I "spy"the menu with the results Blue Prism looks like SAP TreeView, this way I can expand the batch field using Navigate - "Expand Item" and passing the batch through Item Text. But after expanding...
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    SAP scripting

    Hi, I would like to know if the SAP user_scripting parameter has to be set to true in order to use Blue Prism to develop a robot? And is this true only for logging in to the application or also if you already logged in? Thanks, Roy
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    SAP Script for ME22N- Stat Del Date

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and just learning SAP Scripts to make my life easy. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have created a VBS script to change the statistical delivery dates in ME22N. The Script runs & in the Statistical delivery date instead of changing the date it just wipes out...