1. A

    Blueprism Scheduler is not working?

    Somebody please help me how can i fix this scheduler issue? I'm really messed up with this problem!o_O:(:(:(:confused: I've installed trail version of blueprism but scheduler is not working in both trail & Learning editions? (I've been using Local DB)
  2. J

    Schedule - more scheduled actions in one schedule point

    Hi all, Is it possible to send 2 scheduled actions in one shedule point to the same resource? Example in attach. I think it will trigger only the first action and the next ones will skip. More actions in one schedule point works only if they are send to different resources. Is that true or I...
  3. H

    How to automate a failed schedule?

    Hi all, How to automate failed scheduler to reschedule after some time? ex: Scheduler 'A' was scheduled at 8 AM it failed because of some reason . It needs to defer 5 mins, after 5 mins scheduler A need to run the process again (If possible send an email to the support team) until...
  4. K

    Control room schedule--Scheduling the task from control room but the task is not running on scheduled time. How to debug this issue?

    I am Scheduling the task from control room but the task is not running on scheduled time. How to debug this issue? Thanks in advance.
  5. M

    Unable to Get Scheduler to Run Processes

    Hello, Can you please help me with my issue? I am not sure if there is something wrong with my configuration or a network issue but I can't run processes using the scheduler. I attached my configuration in the images, i logged in using both the Blue Prism Server and the SQL server.
  6. S

    Tool to schedule and monitor BP Processes

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a tool that can schedule and monitor Blue Prism processes (and queues, status etc.) in a web application? Lets say i want to use my phone, or am a manager and do not have BP installed, is there a way for me to see what is going on in my production environment...
  7. W

    Scheduler doesn't start pending items

    Hi, from time to time we are faceing with the problem, when the scheduler adds a new pending item to the session management, but does't run it. The issue is quiet critical, because some of our processes run at night and scheduler blocks VDI pool, and next process cannot be started. Does any of...
  8. D

    Scheduled process not running

    Hi together, I have finally completed all processes and I am now trying to schedule these processes. Unfortunately I am struggling at that point. I am working with a workstation as ressource. When I run the process manually from the session management it works perfectly fine. First I have set...
  9. C

    Scheduler issue post reboot

    Our scheduler is not working following a server reboot and our control room operators are having to kick off jobs manually. In the event log we see this error. What can we do to quickly resolve this issue? A database error occurred while executing the statement: insert into BPAScheduleLog...
  10. A

    Blue Prism Server Does Not See Runtime Resources

    Hi, hopefully someone can help me. I can not get Scheduler to work. I can run processes using interactive clients, but I don't see them as available when I run the interactive client on the server. They all show as offline yet I know they are running. This means that Scheduler can not start any...
  11. G

    Could not find resource PC under resources?

    Hi, I have a resource pool which has mutiple resource PCs and some of the PCs are not visible, not busy or running. What could be the cause and how to fix this? Also what if the resource PC does not reflect anything under status in session management.
  12. pguimar

    Solved Scheduler - Troubleshooting

    Hi, I have scheduled processes but it are not reaching my target ResourcePC. The ResourcePC is properly configured and if I trigger the process manually via Control Room it runs normally. How can I, in client side, troubleshooting it? NOTE: I am not the responsible by the Application...