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    Drop down select on change

    Hello, i'm currently working on a project and i came across this issue : in a webpage i have a dropdown select menu from which i need to select an item. i spied the element using html mode and successfully selected the desired value. The issue is that there's a span element that changes...
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    Select item works visually, but doesn't take selected value

    Good day everyone, I'm trying to select particular item from the select box and the problem I face is that although item is visually selected when process runs, whenever the action OK is taken the old default value is used from select box, not the one chosen by the process. The issue is...
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    Click a button using C# Code.

    HI All, I'm new on Blue Prism and I'm encountering some issue to click a button on OBIEE Dashboard. I have tried both solution Select by Region and Global Send Keys but doesn't work. When I use one of this solutions seems like that the button works with the previus paramiters and not with the...
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    Solved How to right click on an application and select an option in the popup window using Key or Click events?

    Hi team I have already right-click the application and pop up a window. Then I want to select the option on the popup and don't know how to do .I am trying to spy the popup. But I couldn't recognize any element using any spy mode on the pop-up. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
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    Hi Team , I got a problem when trying to download an excel file from Service Now or waypoint ticketing tool. To download the report from ticketing tool i need to right click on fitter icon and should click on download, after that a popup with download option will come I have to click on save...