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    send mail to alias in BP

    hey guys, need your assistance. I have unique employee ID of recipient and it looks like I'm able to send mail correctly from outlook level by type: id8bu, than ctrl +k and it's finding in company address book. how to send it correctly and quickly, without spying MS Outlook...
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    Item Key not Unique

    Hi, Will there be an issue if we have a non unique data as a Key Name shown in attachment into the queue while adding the data to queue. If yes what will be the issue? Thanks in advance!!
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    Using 2nd Process causes Connection and Attach issues

    When the flow follows the blue path, everything works well. Since there are several processes using the same Shared Business Object / App Model, I have created the Start Up Process, which contains both the Launch & Login Stages highlighted. Most of the Action Pages have their own Attach pages...
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    How to choose multiple items from a drop down in a browser application?

    In an browser application, I have to select multiple items from a single dropdown, manually i can click ctrl and left mouse click to select multiple items, but how to do that through blueprism?
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    Merge two fields in a collection

    Hi, I have a collection with two field - one with field with first name the other field with last name. Now I want to combine them so I get a collection were first and last name is in the same field. How can you do that?
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    Reading the values of random Excel cells by color and paste in a new sheet

    Hi Everyone, I am seeking your help to understand the scenario, "how to fetch values of random cells by its color and paste the result in new sheet one by one" using Blue prism. Example: In new sheet, column A should have all the values of a colur yellow and column B should have values of color...
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    Input in aplication screen gets blanked out when clicking a button

    Hi, I lose the input in a particular screen after clicking a button ((Stratum toevoegen). The button adds a row on the screen. The first image represents the input on the screen prior to clicking the button). The second image is after clicking the button. The application reacts with a error...
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    How to remove ENTER keystroke from collections columns

    Hi all, I have read data from a web page by using Get Table, the data is stored in a collection. I noticed that the columns contain a "enter"keystroke, which I want to remove from the columns I tried writing VBA code, similar to Remove dots from headers in the object: Collection Manipulation...
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    Copy multiple files from one directory to other directory

    Hi all, I am trying to copy multiple file from source path to destination path, both paths are dynamic which are stored in data items. I writing .bat file with everytime.(action->utility managemnt->write txt file). see screen shot 1.jpg. So for coping files, the two linescript should be like...
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    Not able to login

    Hi, I am trying to automate engagement creation process on website . For that i need to login on that website, but whenever i try to login via blue prism process (by bot) its showing incorrect userid/password. But when i try to login manually, it works fine. I have tried on both i.e. google...
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    Solved Adding collection fields / work queues

    Hey everyone, I´m stuck at the "Consolidating Exercise" from the Blue Prism Foundation Course. 1. Import a csv into a collection (4 columns: product code, price, quantity, cost centre) 2. Load queue from the collection (-> Data Items) --> the column names in the collection are generated...
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    Restoring old process

    Hi guys, Is is possible to restore any overwritten process/object? If yes, please tell me how. I know we can compare and view two processes/objects, but its taking time if we have to modify manually while memorizing the previous version. Thanks in advance
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    Input text to a html container with dynamically changing rows

    Hi All, Needed some help in adding text to a web application where based on the number of line items (keeps varying) we need to add rows in the application and then enter values. Provided are the screen shots of the scenario, when the number of line items vary, we need to click the ''+" icon and...
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    How to use the login agent logout process in the actual business process

    Hi All, I want to log out my machine once my process is completed, where i have to use the log out process ? Please help me.
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    Writting a backslash (\) and any other special character

    Hi, everyone. I've been now trying to write a backslash into a SAP text field, but Blue Prism throws the next message: The actual text is: @5C\Qopen@ Is there a way to write this character aswell as manyu others that mey be considered as specials? Plesase, let us know. Thanks.
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    when Trying to read a CSV file to collection

    Hi All, I am trying to read CSV file to a collection which has one of the field as date. This is being interpreted as a wrong date . How to switch off this interpretation and get the date as is i.e as Text.
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    Solved SAP Gui Component not found

    Hello, everyone. I've been doing an object and a process to interact with SAP. In some steps, I need to select or give a click to some tabs inside the window. However, even when I told Blue Prism to do it identifying the tab a couple of new times, Blue Prism sends me the next error: I've...