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    Unable to Spy in Web mode in BP7.1 Version

    Hi, Can anyone help me out as I am not able to get HTML mode in spying modes , when i tried using Web mode some of the elements not highlighting. I just installed BP Version 7.1 Thanks Bhargavi
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    Unexpected behavior in spying row in child window table > Action Focus?

    Hello Every one I was using Web Application and BElow are the steps in order to complete the Automation. 1. Login 2. Pass some ID in html BOX 3. Click Search button 4. When you click Search button it will open child windows (I said child but I am not able to spy the child window in win 32 )...
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    Error spying a button on iexplorer

    Hi guys! I'm new to BP, I still do not finish the training but I have to collaborate on a project. I need to spy a button in HTML, it's a dynamic button that looks perfectly in chrome but not in Iexplorer, it does not look, the place where the button should be is white. How do I do in that case...
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    .MSC spy problem

    hello everyone, Is it possible to launch/attach .msc programs like "services.msc" in blue prism, cause i've been trying to do so for a while, but I fail everytime. If it's not possible, is there any other way ? Thank you
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    java Automation Oracle

    Hello guys, I'm trying to automate a functionality which is a java applet form Oracle EBS. I'm unable to spy the text boxes in the picture using HTML or java mode. I'm currently activating the window and using global send keys to enter the data. is there an efficient way to enter data?
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    excel VBO

    Hello guys, I'll explain my scenario and Problem, can you suggest me few options? scenario: I've data in my excel sheet and the corresponding pie chart on the same sheet. Example Data as follows Asset Type Amount Savings $ 25,000 401k $ 55,000 Stocks $ 15,000...