string manipulation

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    String manipulation

    Hi, I need to replace the 9th and 10th character in a string with 00 1112223334 - Test 1112223300 - Result 111222333 Test 1112223300 - Result
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    How to remove the last character of a string

    Hi All, What is the code to remove the last character from a data item?
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    How to Extract particular string from a Email body?

    Hi Folks, I have an requirement of extracting the particular text value from the email body. My Email body will looks like mentioned below: "Added Values: App Group Membership: Vendor_Extuser_Group^PROMO_DEALS_ALL^AWF_ALL^JBP_ALL^HBC_ALL^NOA_ALL^QIM_ALL^FSP_ALL Primary Number: 2600112...
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    Grabbing email body

    Hello, I am grabbing an email body from Outlook and saving it to a collection. I want to parse through the data so that I can grab the rowID, the orderID, and the quantity amount. So far I have split the email body using the String VBO, but I am at a loss as to splitting the data further to...
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    Removing space's from a string of text with a paragraph

    Hi, I have an issues with getting rid of spaces and having the text all on one line so I can match two data items, one is from a website and the other data source is from Excel. The first data im gathering has a paragraph line break from the website in the sentence, this needs to be matched to...
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    Extract regex value - Lower and Upper Results

    hi all, i should extract a product code from a string using extract regex value. regex pattern: (?<ProdCode>[A-Z0-9]{2}[\-A-Z0-9\-]{7}[0-9]{2}) Target String: Articolo: A5-EWMS4-02 QUANTITA' 10 Result expected and verified: A5-EWMS4-02 What i am missing is how write into output collection...
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    Read previous row based on value of next row

    Hi all, I am trying to extract data using string manipulation. Although there is a row that doesn't consist of any fix keyword but there is a fix keyword in the next row. How do I get this done using Utility-Collection Manipulation or is there any other alternate?