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    Can't specify a Workbook Name when using Open Instance (Excel VBO)

    Hello, I'm trying to use a mixture of both the default MS Excel VBO actions, as well as some I made myself which are placed in an Extension object. Just now I am: • Creating an Excel Instance in the MS Excel VBO • Creating a new Workbook (normally named Book1) • Writing a collection to the...
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    Solved Run Time Error Macro freezes BluePrism

    Hello, i'm currently encountering an issue with my project. I have to download multiple excel files from an Intranet. Then, open them one by one and call a specific macro (The same macro exists in all the files). While running the macro, i noticed that there's a runtime error with the macro...
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    Combine Multiple Word Documents

    I have a Blueprism process which will generate a word file with a table of information. Each item will generate a new file. I want my process to combine each file into a combined file. Currently my process will copy the data from the individual file, but overwrites all of the data in the...
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    VBA Error Thrown

    Hi, The Snippet runs perfectly in excel but when pasted into the Code section of the Code box properties; it throws an error. It requires the 'method argument' to be in parentheses. This is unusual as the VB syntax doesn't follow this requirement. ======...
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    Delete/Insert Row in Excel via Macro

    Hello, I want to delete or insert a row in excel. I wrote macros for both, and I have BP call the macros and pass in arguments. Can anybody tell me why nothing happens when I call these macros? I believe my syntax is correct, and I'm having success passing in arguments from BP to another macro...
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    Excel VBA Macro for Sending Mails in Blue Prism through Outlook (To, CC, BCC, HtmlBody & Email Attach)

    'Paste this on Visual Basic IDE of Excel Developer Mode (I used MS Excel 2016) then add it through MS Excel VBO as Macro for your Email Automation in Blue Prism using Outlook. 'You are required to create a configuration file where you insert details Sub SendEmail() 'Sends the outlook email...
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    Can Blue Prism Automate Smartview? Or Spy Excel Toolbar?

    I'm very new to this RPA world. I've been tasked to do a few things in excel using blue prism... Can I Connect to smartview using blueprism? Can I spy an already open Excel instance? Maybe identify the toolbar elements and automate smartview that way? The Smartview login is an IE based...
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    How to make specific phrase bold in MS VBO

    Hello, I need to make a specific phrase in MS Work bold. My initial thoughts were to use the following actions from the MS Word VBO: Find Text Replace Highlighted Text, and set the 'New Bold' parameter to True (see below). This, however, neither replaces the phrase, or makes it bold. I...
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    Can anyone post a guide on how to add pivot functionality to default Excel VBO?

    I need to be able to create a pivot table from a selected range, manipulate the style, filters, data, etc. It would a great help if someone could clarify this for me. Thanks!
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    Close and Save PowerPoint

    Hello, I have created my own PowerPoint Object and am having difficulty on a save and close action. My guess is I have the wrong syntax for save. Blue Prism will successfully close the PowerPoint, but will not save. I have copy/pasted VBA code to try and save and have been unsuccessful. If...
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    Blue Prism - Mainframe Application Getting Launched with error

    Hi All I am trying to automate Mainframe through Blue Prism. Have given the path and terminal to launch the application. When I press the launch button, terminal is getting launched but it is throwing the below error and the flowchart is not able to proceed further. ""Error - Failed to launch...
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    VBA Excel Sorting

    Hi Guys, I created a below code, and could not find what is wrong there - check code does not show anything. Exception details after calculation stage: . Code: dim wb as excel.workbook dim ws as excel.worksheet 'Dim wb as Object = GetWorkbook(handle,workbookname) 'Dim ws as Excel.Worksheet...