1. J

    HResult 0X800A03EC

    Hi Guys, I'm facing error while bot performing Operations on Excel operations like copy, paste, vlookup. Error: could not execute code stage HResult:0x800A03Ec" Any one help me on this how to resolve or handle. Thanks in Advance!
  2. K

    Blueprism - Webservices/API

    Does anyone has some good documentation links/Video url to learn Webservices/API functionalities via BluePrism? How to get trained and understand the basics of WebServices in BP?
  3. M

    Chrome chrome browser Need solution Data table

    Hai Team, i am facing problem in chrome, whole table was highlighted successfully and get table item i am getting 3 column values into collection, how can i get all column value into collection please give me the solution.
  4. A

    SQL DataBase Automation

    Hi All, Is it possible to automate SQl DB in which I need to write the SQL query and export the db report to an external resource. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. K

    Copy Collection

    Below error appears when I try to copy row from Source collection to output collection ( Utility - Collection Manipulation; Action: Copy Rows) Did someone have any resolution? @VJR Source Collection: Contains fields with values Output collection: Empty System Exception ...
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    Unable to spy any elements in web based application when a new tab opens in IE

    Hi All, I'm trying to spy elements in IE but not to achieve it. Here I'm clicking on one hyperlink and it is opening a new tab for 2-step verification. I can able to spy that page and go ahead. But post that page, URL is changing and I couldn't able to spy anything by any of the spying modes...
  7. D

    Global Send keys and Send Key Events

    Hello, Can anybody help me for syntax of SPACE bar in global send keys or send key events. Thanks Dev
  8. N

    Build a BOT to take the list of available resources.

    Is there any way to take the list of available resources from control room? In Production Environment, There will be 'N' number of BOTS will be present in the available resources pool. i want to send an email of that available resources with state before the process starts. can we able to...
  9. D

    Create Excel file

    Hi All, Can you please help on how to create excel file using Blueprism/code. Thanks!
  10. S

    How to use Power BI through blueprism

    Hi everyone, I want to perform some operations in power BI using blue prism like get data, open excel file. how will I do that?
  11. A

    [Help] Queue item case duration ?

    [Help] Queue item case duration ? Hi Members, A small question. Why i am experiencing the problem in Queue item duration. Like when i see my each queue item from control room, the total completed duration of each queue item increases every time. Likewise 6th Queue item duration is always...
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    Queue Management Duration for each queue

    Hi Members, I am running my process through queue management. Each queue takes more time than previous ? Each queue is an item of my excel list and i dont know why the BOT Takes more time to process a queue longer than previous item ? Sometime it increases and some time the duration of each...
  13. B

    Convert All Sent mails to PDF for Audit

    Hi , I have a requirement wherin once the bot sends out emails the mails need to be converted into pdf format and archived for audit.Using Mapiex for sending mails. Suggested approach: Will get all details and save it to excel and convert to PDF. However the approach is a nogo. Any other...
  14. V

    Text to date function

    Hi I'm trying some code to perform texttocolumn option to convert some dates in to a particular format.it doesn't give a error but but doesn't do the task.can you pls help me on this tia. Code Ws.Range(rng).TextToColumns(ws.Range("a1",1,1,false,true,false,false,false,false,"Array(1, 4),true)
  15. K

    Rename field in collection

    Hi - I need to rename two fields from Collection and store the result in Collection2 Have to rename: Delay (Sec.) to Delay and Duration(sec.) to Duration Please check with attached screenshot and let me know where I am wrong
  16. K

    Excel Automation - Add Comment

    Hi - I want to add comment to a particular Cell in excel sheet, How to proceed with this after Opening excel worksheet sheet in BluePrism?
  17. A

    Solved Unable to select item from search list box on browser

    Dear All, I m trying to select the required item i.e. Delhi from search list box on browser. Kindly refer the screenshot for your reference to provide the solution. Regards, Amit Chhabra
  18. K

    Interview scenarios - Can anyone respond

    1) Memory usage for process calling process in a loop, process calling object in loop. 2)Retry loop scenarios 3) Surface automation release between environments . 4) Multiple bots for shared file email - SMTP server configuration steps. 5) Send keys and send keys events difference, best practices.
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    PDF Automation for Handwritten documents.

    Can we automate Handwritten PDF document? How to extract text from Handwritten PDF? Sometimes, Why is the process not shown in control room.(even after published)
  20. K

    Range between numbers

    Can someone help to achieve this using BluePrism? Find the range between the below numbers and convert numbers into text and store it in a single variable in descending order 63536-63540 83728-83728 84823-84824 Output – { 84824, 84823, 83728, 63540, 63539, 64538, 64537,64536}