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    Non English character to English character in BP using VB .NET

    Looking for a function in Blue Prism to replace non english characters with english characters. Example: Input: Andrés Chávez Output: Andres Chavez
  2. S

    Dynamic nested folder creation using Blueprism

    Hi Folks, Hope you all doing good. Am facing some challenges in creating Nested folders using blueprism in code stage. let me explain the process. 1. I have a list of folder names and sub-folder names in which i need to create and i have attached the screenshot for the same. Here column...
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    Unable to spy any elements in web based application when a new tab opens in IE

    Hi All, I'm trying to spy elements in IE but not to achieve it. Here I'm clicking on one hyperlink and it is opening a new tab for 2-step verification. I can able to spy that page and go ahead. But post that page, URL is changing and I couldn't able to spy anything by any of the spying modes...
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    Hi, can anyone share me the code for this task.

    Process Use Case Open the Data.xlsx file. The file contains data for payment mode, bank, and RRN. Open the Macro Sheet.xlsx file. This file contains macro names for the Data file. Develop a Bot to capture the right macro names and update the Data file. Business Rules/Conditions to...
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    HTML Attributes

    Hello Guys, I need your help, I currently want to develop a solution to extract annual historical forex rates from this website link (https://www.ura.go.ug/exchange.do?rateType=incometax), these rates are from past transactions. The whole idea to capture the date for a particular transaction...
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    SAP Automation

    can anyone please let me know about how to start SAP automation. Do we need to do any configuration before starting the SAP automation. I need to use SAP sap netweaver.
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    what is rpa life cycle.

    Hi folks can anyone let me know about the RPA life cycle in BluePrism and what is the multi bot architecture and how does it work.
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    Work Queue

    What is a Child-Parent relationship in Work Queue
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    Close application Forcefully like TaskKill in Automation anywhere

    Hi, PLease let me know how to Close application Forcefully like TaskKill in Automation anywhere. or Please let me know how to execute a command like Taskkill in Automation Anywhere
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    I want to Search a piece of string(Text) in a Full paragraph which i have stored in a dataitem (text)

    Hi, I have a data item Result which has the string as "This is a Super String". I want a expression to check .Does Result (Data item) contains "Super" I tried [Result]="%Super%" no use with * too. Thanks Shabaz
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    Find Cell With Specific text

    Hi VJR, I was trying to Find and Select Cells with Specific text Using Below Code But It Gives Some Exceptions Can you Help Me on this, Dim wb as Object = GetWorkbook(handle,workbookname) Dim ws as Object = GetWorksheet(handle,workbookname,worksheetname) wb.ws.Columns(1).Find(Text).Select
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    i need a help to compare the Two excel sheets

    hii vjr i have Two Excel Spread sheets. 1.customerDetails.xls With the fields of( Name,Pan Number,aadhar,voter and mobile) 2.ValidationDetails.xls with the fields of(Aadhar,PAN AND VOTER) bY USING BOTH THE FILES I WANT TO UPDATE STUTUS (LIKE)...
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    How to get DataGrid list into Collection?

    Hi Guys, I want to spy the J query data table but jquery data table contain page index. Here i spyed the Jquery datatable but i'm able to retrieving only 10 records ,how can i retrieve the complete records with page index. My Data table: Here my business object: