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    how to Make ( get and post ..... ) Request in blue prism ??

    Hi everyone, my problem is that i wanna make request from blue prism to get data from a ticketing system, i tried to do that with a vb.net code but unfortunately it doesn't work, also i try to do this with Webservices - REST BP object stage but it doesn't work, it show me an error of...
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    How to Access Exposed BluePrism Webservices from a node js client from outside.

    Hi All, i have created a blueprism process and exposed it as a webservice. So everything is working fine and i can see this webservice using below address format. /ws/[processname].wsdl']http://[machinename]:8181/ws/[processname].wsdl So i could run a node js client application and was able...
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    Get XML sent to WebService

    Hi Everyone, does any of you know, how to get xml request, which is sent by BluePrism to connected external WebService? Unfortunately we are receving an error wich is probably coused related to wrong/missing paramters in XML file. I appreciate any bit of advice, Many thank in advance, Best. w
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    How to Connect Business object using auto initialization?

    Hi all, How to connect business object using auto initialization? Could som eone please explin how we can do that?
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    How can a single session can handled multiple requests?

    Hi all, IN Web service Documentation i read in one place they are stating: programmatically manage the session creation resulting in the possibility that a single session could handle multiple requests How can Achieve that? can someone please suggest me how can we achieve this?
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    Solved Webhooks and Session Variables

    Hey all, I posted this over on the official forums but as always, value the knowledge base here! I'm currently attempting to develop a method with which to add cases to different queues through use of a webservice. My imagined workflow is as follows: What I am unclear on is how I can get...
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    Getting error while trying to connect to a Web service

    Could anyone help me to resolve the below error. I have added a web service to do simple maths calculation. I am trying to perform the calculation by calling web service. However I am getting the below error as shown below.
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    Web Service Parameters in BP

    Hi, i have a webservice that receives 3 parameters of input (text type) and returns 3 parameters of type text, but in the input and output of the action stage does not appear those parameters nor does it allow me to add them ... how should I do it? @bbastias ?