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    Microsoft Word - Save As Object

    Hi, I am getting a compile error when trying to include a timeout as part of the Save as action for Microsoft word on Blue Prism. Code Stage: ExecWithTimeout(Timeout, "Save As", Sub() Dim doc as Object = GetDocument(handle,documentname) doc.SaveAs(filename) newname = doc.name End...
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    Code Stage - Copy a table from a word document if it contains a string

    Hello everyone, I have a process step which requires me to search for a string (Customer Name) in a word document (Contact Information Sample.docx). If the Customer Name is present in one table (there are several tables, each represents a contact), then the whole table should be copied to the...
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    Change page orientation of a Word document

    Hi all, I'm trying to change the page orientation of a Word document to landscape using Blue Prism. I've seen all the actions in the MS Word and MS Word Extended VBOs and I can't find any helpul action. Maybe running a macro could be a good idea, but I can't even find an action stage to run a...
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    Combine Multiple Word Documents

    I have a Blueprism process which will generate a word file with a table of information. Each item will generate a new file. I want my process to combine each file into a combined file. Currently my process will copy the data from the individual file, but overwrites all of the data in the...
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    How to Save Word as PDF with Password

    Hi, I'm looking for a VBA for Word to save as PDF with password protect. Is there any quick solution for this?
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    Not able to identify any element through Application Modeller for Apache open office writer

    I want to perform some manipulation in document of Apache open office writer, but I am not able to identify any element through Application Modeller. Can Anyone please help.
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    Save Word to PDF (header missing)

    Hi, I am working on highlighted texts on a Word document. Both the body and header texts works perfectly fine in getting and replacing the highlighted texts. But when I am about to save the document as PDF file, the header texts remained highlighted on the new PDF file. Could someone tell me...
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    Read Word document contents without Word VBO

    Hey all, For a process I'm building, I need to copy the contents of a Word file I downloaded. Each and every time I try to open the freshly downloaded file (using Word VBO - Open), my process get stuck in the object's 'Open Document' code stage. The reason the process gets stuck is because a...