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    Change page orientation of a Word document

    Hi all, I'm trying to change the page orientation of a Word document to landscape using Blue Prism. I've seen all the actions in the MS Word and MS Word Extended VBOs and I can't find any helpul action. Maybe running a macro could be a good idea, but I can't even find an action stage to run a...
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    Combine Multiple Word Documents

    I have a Blueprism process which will generate a word file with a table of information. Each item will generate a new file. I want my process to combine each file into a combined file. Currently my process will copy the data from the individual file, but overwrites all of the data in the...
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    Microsoft Word Remove All Links

    Hi, I have an object which should highlight all text in a Word document and then press CTRL SHIFT F9 to remove all links. All the text highlights but the links remain afterwards? This works when I do it manually. I am global mouse clicking the page and then global sending "^+{F9}"
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    Solved [MS Word VBO] Insert Image to Word page

    Hello, I need to insert an image to a word file. First I have wrote the macro in VBA to insert image to a specific page in a word file Sub InsertImage() Dim PicPath As String Dim aShape As Shape PicPath = "C:\Users\f04959c\Desktop\Capture.PNG"...
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    Word VBO: How to put text in footer and change color of it?

    Hi RPA Experts, I'm a BluePrism beginner and trying to put text in the footer and change its color. What my object does at the point is just open a designated Word doc, and put text in the body of Word doc, not in the footer, and save it. This happens with Word VBO, not with Application...
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    Write a collection to Word

    Hi, I am trying to convert an excel document into a text file. I originally tried Save as, which didn't work, I tried writing to Notepad but couldn't get that to Word. So what I would like to do is either write the collection directly to MS Word or if not possible, write to Excel and then...
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    MS Word VBO Close An Instance

    Hi All, The MS Word VBO doesn't seem to have any action to close a/all instance(s). This is causing my process to crash after a couple of runs as I think there are instances running on my machine. Blueprism will simply crash when trying to open a document. The excel vbo has the close instance...
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    excel VBO

    Hello guys, I'll explain my scenario and Problem, can you suggest me few options? scenario: I've data in my excel sheet and the corresponding pie chart on the same sheet. Example Data as follows Asset Type Amount Savings $ 25,000 401k $ 55,000 Stocks $ 15,000...