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    Work Queue Items Injection

    Hi, Is there a way to inject items to a work queue from outside of Blue Prism?
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    How are retry queue exception case with BP code

    Hi All, How to retry the BP queue exception case with blue prism code. I will be really helpfull if someone can resolve my query. Note: Manually we can force retry but i want to retry the case from process flow. Regards,
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    Storing a file in a work queue item

    Good day BP Gurus! I am currently developing a process that handles a PDF file at various stages of the process which is being put on pause for human interaction and then resumes, using the work queue items Status to determine where it left off and the next steps to carry over. Because these...
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    How to use blue prism to generate a custom reports With Multiple Bots?

    Hello, I am trying to generate a custom report in blueprism by adding custom data to a collection and then merging it with report data. If am running with Single Bot my report shows the custom data appended to report data. But when I run with multiple bots I only get the custom data for which...
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    Any way to get the resource PC that is shown in the Work Queue

    Hello everyone, I have a process that is running on several machines and I want to generate a report that has the names of the resource PC that took the item from the work queue. but I don't find any action that gives me that data. thanks in advance if anyone have any information
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    Error: Excel Get Worksheet as Collection

    Hey, I'm new at RPA/Blue Prism. I've got a problem with the Action "Get Worksheet as Collection". In the excel sheet are hidden columns. These are not found. Blue Prism returns error message: Internal: Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: Column 17 was not found...
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    Queue Filter Version 6.5

    Hi All, We have recently upgraded to Blueprism 6.5 but don't seem to be able to filter our queues? Image attached Regards
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    Internal: Invalid column name 'state' while getting Deffered item count

    Hi, We have setup Defer time as 5Min while adding data to Work queue. While retrieving each item from queue, We are validating count of Deffered items. If count is greater than 0 than setup process to wait for 3 minutes. But we are getting "Internal: Invalid column name 'state' " error while...
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    How to give 2 Key Names in the Work Queue?

    Hi All, Is there a way to give two Key names in the Work Queue?
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    Retry once per day for 7 days (no exception)

    Hi, so this is the scenario: I populate a Work Queue with invoices each day (each invoices is a single case) When handling one case, there is a point where it's not finished (example, delivery order aren't shown yet), in this case i wan't to retry this one tomorrow again to check if the delivery...
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    Tag order

    I'm using Work Queue Items' tags to create Logs sugin a .csv file. When I first add an item to the Work Queue, the first tag is added. When I add a second tag, the position of this tag is different acording to the message that is inside or if an exception is marked. Example: First tag: Added to...