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    Removing Secure Storage Pop-pup when launching work fusion

    Go to C:\Users\YourUserName->remove .eclipse directory in your user directory This should solve your problem To be more precise you can remove the "secure_storage" file on the below directory C:\Users\YourUserName\.eclipse\ Before: After: Worfusion will then ask...
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    Blueprism - WorkFusion

    Hi All - Just a very curious question. Is it possible to export an automation build in BluePrism and convert that to WorkFusion. Something like exporting a .bprelease file and importing that into Workfusion tool? Is that even possible? Is there a possible workaround or does the whole automation...
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    Business process Error - Control Tower

    Hi - I created two tasks in WorkFusion studio 1. Login Task - bot logs into a web page 2. Navigate to a tab task - bot will navigate to a tab on the same web page I gave two rows of data as input in the control room. When i connected these two tasks in a single business process and ran it, the...
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    Needs Help With Loop

    Hi everyone, I have a script that needs to be altered so that it can copy certain info from a spreadsheet and save a new copy using the info copied as its name. This process also needs to be looped. The pictures below show the parts intended to copy the info which works fine. In the next...
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    Bulk Automation across several webpages

    Dear Team, I would like to know how to do bulk web data extraction automation in workfusion rpa express. The scenario is as follows: I have a list of products on a list of webpages and their rating displayed, for each product having rating > 4 i have to click on the product and extract the...
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    Not Able to Start my Workfusion RPA after the system restart

    I have installed Workfusion RPA Express for exploring and evaluation. The software is working perfectly fine since I installed it. Once the system restarts, the software won't start with the below welcome screen. I tried leaving the system overnight stuck with this screen but next day, I got to...
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    Unable to Publish to Control Tower giving 401: Unauthorized error in RPA Express

    Hi everyone, Publish to Control Tower is givingme 401: Unauthorized error in RPA Express
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    Workfusion Debug error, java

    Hi Guys I am having trouble running my solution in Workfusion, I have made no changes to the project yet get the below error every time I try to run a project , can anybody point me in the right direction, please. I have attached an image of the error Thanks
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    OCR languages

    Hey, I tried to read some text using ocr that has Lithuanian characters (ąčęėįšųūž), but it doesn't seem like the engine is picking up the special characters. Did anyone try reading special characters? Perhaps there's a plugin/add-on or something I could install to be able to read those characters?
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    Extract Data from Website

    Hi Guys, I am having a problem i need to extract data from a web page by copying xpath of that page. but the problem i am facing is before fetching the data from that page i need to login first. i am using open website activity where i need to enter my credentials after that if i want to...